Your trying to reason with a 5 year old who believes everything the democons spew in the media.


That’s a funny oxymoron. :blush: And a big if.


Amid all of this, I am still not particularly worried -

Trump out- huge backlash against Dems
Pence out - Ryan is in; he’s squeaky clean, handsome, articulate, and will serve 6 years.

Not worried.


Regardless of the outcome, the backlash will be interesting especially when the cost of this farce comes out.

The only way they can do anything is to find any dirt on individuals and indict them on unrelated charges and force them to implicate the administration.

What a circus it will be as they accuse someone on the administration on the basis of a plea bargain.


Ok…For anyone confused about the Flynn thing. Here it is on one sentence. He plead guilty for lying about perfectly legal activities. It’s much to do about nothing despite the collective erections and moisties of the drive by media.


I think President Trump should appoint a special prosecutor to look into this.


What we know is that Flynn was in a heap of trouble elsewhere… What we know is that Mueller was taking aim at Flynn’s son. What we know is that Flynn lied to the FBI… and to Pence over the very same thing.

What we can only speculate about is just how far has Mueller pushed Flynn to ‘embellish’ his position and exactly what was said to make an otherwise unprovable case. A key witness in the Lockerbie bombing testified that the FBI offered money for testimony that supported the states case against Libya even though it wasn’t true. There was a recanted testimony in a case involving Navajo police murders that was made under FBI pressure. We watched whistleblower after whistleblower destroyed by the state for coming forward. We know that Clapper was deceitful in answering about spying on Americans. We know that the government is capable of lying and forcing others to lie for it.

What we know is that a LOT of people want to make this case… a lot of people do not want Trump to be president, not because is is bad, but because he goes against the building of the world as some rather powerful people would like it.


I’m not worried either. Trump out is the main objective. Pence or Ryan a big improvement over Trump.


That kind of says it all really… your only function on this board is either a paid or voluntary member of #RESIST


The FBI made such a huge deal about the lies told by Flynn , so now this "liar " will be their key witness ? How will that fly ? …Well ladies and gentlemen of the jury Mr. Flynn has told many lies in the past about this very matter BUT today he is here to FINNALY tell the truth because we offered him a great deal ! :wink:


Lou , stop insulting all 5 year olds ! :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing:


This charge, as explained in the National Review is nothing. As with Papadopoulos the one thing that Mueller must establish is a criminal scheme… tying people together in the effort to execute a criminal enterprise. If Mueller had any way to create that link either one or both of these individuals would have been charged as a co-conspirator and then given consideration at sentencing for cooperation. Without that link, Mueller really has nothing contrary to our plea bargain expert.

As for taking Ryan as president… while it might keep things in republican hands it most certainly would not reflect the will and wish of the people who voted for Trumps agenda. Their are multiple reports that it was in fact Kuchner that instructed Flynn to make various contacts. This may bring Kushner down and for some, this is a net positive, but it will most certainly not lead to the scalp the left is looking for…

It is quite interesting that ABC had to do a very public retraction after their initial inflammatory article… much difference between candidate Trump and President Elect Trump…


Wasn’t that why Flynn was FIRED ? HE LASTED 14 DAYS !


And you being a moron should know ! :laughing: quack quack


Stevie John ,Stevie John .:laughing: Flynn was not acting as a private citizen, as the law defines it. It is quite normal and routine and expected for incoming transition teams to have lengthy and detailed conversations with foreign government officials about forthcoming changes in policies. it would be abnormal if this did not happen. Flynn and the transition team did not “interfere” with a diplomatic dispute, under the meaning of the Logan Act. To the contrary, Flynn sought ways to de-escalate tensions over U.S. sanctions by asking the Russian government to limit its response “in a reciprocal manner … So Stevie John just how many people have been charged with violating the Logan Act since 1799 ??? tick tock … Does the Logan Act violates the right to free speech under the First Amendment. ??? tick tock … quack ,quack ,quack … look into your serious case of TDS quickly !!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Presidents don’t prosecute their predecessors, they pardon them. :wink:


Question: why would a lifelong spook talk to Russia on an unsecured line that was guaranteed to be intercepted?

Answer: he wanted his communication to get intercepted

The question the Dems should be worried about is what was Flynn’s purpose for letting himself get caught?


Sounds like you believe you have that answer.


What exactly do you think the conversation was about ? Do you even know ? What was he CHARGED WITH ??? :roll_eyes:


That’s a job for the DOJ !!! :wink: :laughing::laughing::laughing: