When there are senior FBI agents working within the Meuller team that openly text anti-Trump messages and were involved in the anti-Trump dossier what would one expect ?


Of course everyone save the BOD’s know that that’s a lie. The uranium is still in the ground, and it wasn’t America’s because somebody long before Hillary had already sold it to Canada. And the uranium one deal passed nine federal agencies besides State and was signed by the president. Sorry that YOU don’t like that, but this investigation is about the Trump administration, four of whom have dropped and it’s getting closer to the TIC himself.

As to an open partisan on the Mueller team. He was fired. Mueller did the right thing. Why are you folks troubled by that, hmm?


One thing for certain and hasn’t changed is that nothing that is published outside of Salon has any meaning to you.


Well… if we are talking about reputable person, Hillary would have seen the conflict of interest and either stepped asides or voted in the negative. Giving that the vote has to be unanimous to go to the president, she had the deciding vote within the committee… Regardless of anything, the ore is, as the sale and vote by a US government committee, still with in US oversight, but even with that ‘agreement’, a Canadian Hillary donor sold the stuff on to Europe… Make no mistake, Hillary had a conflict of interest… Hillary had the responsibility to step aside in the vote and she DID have the final say in the outcome of the committee vote… Obviously Obama could override the decision so she didn’t, as Clinton Cash suggested, have a final VETO over the deal… she, as usual took the money for services rendered…

Of course you will read this and knowing that it is true, continue with your line that poor little Hillary had no power in the deal… BS


And when mined, how much profit will flow to the Russians???


Stevie John suffers from TDS and seeks out fake news .


Well they are not after ANY democrat so , nothing to see here . The objective is find some BS 200 year old law never enforced and hammer them with in . Mueller may even look for footage of Flynn J walking on one of those gas station cameras . :wink:


I love it… It is most certainly a pain in the ass for the MAGA agenda but the more they have to invent charges to bring down this president, the worse they look and just as working class people flocked to Trump in the last election, working class blacks and Latinos will join the group. A good percentage of hard working American’s of Hispanic decent want the wall because they know illegal immigration take opportunity away from their children, and contrary to the liberal left… the do love their families…


Well just look at their following blinded by the media and those that sit on their asses 24/7 and suck on the government tit for 4 generations , then you have the illegals 23 million strong out protesting , and worried about president Trump kicking their asses back to Mexico . Then we have the hate filled non partisan resident donkey Stevie John who is blinded with TDS ! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Funny thing is… Trump had already won the election so there is no collusion related to the election.


Kinda puts that story on its ass…



Flynn is only one fish in the investigation and a small one at that. I understand the intense desire for this to be over but it’s not. Roger Stone, Sessions, Papadopoulos, Gates… there’s still plenty more to drop.


I’m sure Mueller is researching several obscure 17th century laws to charge them all ! :laughing::laughing:





Again, Flynn’s “crime”, a crime that he has plead guilty to, is lying to the FBI!


Your Point?.. His plea deal is to take someone with him in a conspiracy… if he doesn’t, his sentence just got much longer. Of course you may be right… It is likely Flynn has been wearing a wire since at least June so who knows who said what. I get that you want to prosecute people in this administration but I don’t think you are going to touch Trump.

P.S. Mueller and his entourage are coming under increased pressure and I would suspect that at least three members of his executive team plus himself will be hard pressed not to step aside… then we can get to Rosenstien of the DOJ and McCabe of the FBI


This of course is where you get your collusion news from… From major publications they flow like… smelly stuff until they hit the pages of Salon and Daily Kos. I am sorry that you have bought the narrative carefully spoon fed to you… It will be interesting to see if you belief system takes a hit or if you remain the partisan hack that you are…

Another relevant article about what you read… and why most of the time, I doubt its veracity…