A charge used to get someone to lie AGAIN . :wink:


How many times has Hillary lied so far ??? Just how political has the FBI become ???


“If their is no quid pro quo, you must let go…” :grin:


Do have a read and understand this from a lawyers point of view and not a medical biller who reads the Daily Kos.

if a prosecutor has an accomplice cooperator who gives the government incriminating information about the major scheme under investigation, he pressures the accomplice to plead guilty to the major scheme, not to an ancillary process crime — and particularly not to false-statements charges.

You see if Flynn were really part of a collusion scheme… then his charge would make that scheme, at least from the prosecutors position, real. Flynn would have had to give up his accomplice from the get go… this is just as true for the other guy charged with lying.

The ‘collusion’ game is long gone. This was never really about criminal charges, this was about nullifying the election and the way to do that is with impeachment… Cowards…


Not really. Apparently the TIC doesn’t understand what it means to be the chief executive. Like just this morning when he declared that “Hillary lied to the FBI repeatedly, and nothing happens, but Flynn lied once and they ruin his life”. Besides the fact that it was FLYNN who committed the felony, and therefore ruined his own life, the TIC speaks of the FBI as though it’s outside of his persuasion, shrug. He PROMISED in the second debate that if he won the election, he would lock her up but of course he’s impotent.


Shrug, shrug, shrug.

The response from Johnny.


If the left thinks they have violence in the nation today, buckle up if they try and force an impeachment.


Well then what to hell are we even talking about obstruction then???



Yet another well thought out comment.


In the interest of raising the caliber of the discussion beyond the obvious, here is an original thought about the Flynn development. There is a serious downside to nepotism. It may be appealing to autocratic personalities to spread the wealth and power around among trusted kin, but when things go wrong it is relatively easy for your enemies to get at you through your complicit spawn, particularly if they share your tendency to venality and stupidity.

Nepotism appears to be part of what got Flynn, and it may well be Twitler’s undoing. A presidential resignation might be the only thing that will keep the little Trumpkins out of the slammer. A presidential pardon wouldn’t help, because the state charges would still nail the Trumpkins. Even Ivanka may be be hauled in on one of the many family frauds.

Impeachment may now be less likely, unless it is used to finish off Pence.


Impeachment was never going to happen, and certainly not to Pence, who is one of them. The big fish will cut deals to avoid serious time, and the biggest fish will escape unpunished. Mueller is wasting his time, but it’s entertaining while it lasts until they fire him for looking into finances.


But … Trump had won the office by then, illiterate bernie bot.


ay lmao


I wonder if Jane Fonda and Dennis Rodman fall in to the category of private citizens attempting to affect the foreign policy of the US… I mean Jane went to Hanoi and specifically called out US policy while sitting on an enemy anti-aircraft gun. Also, I’m not so sure that an ex-president is any different than a presidential candidate because Jimmy Carter has been to Cuba and North Korea both advertised as a ‘private non governmental mission’. Seems to me that Cuba was banned travel for Americans in 2011…

Says here:

The goals of our trip were to:

  • become acquainted with President Raul Castro and to ascertain his immediate and long-term goals for Cuba

  • The Party Congress will convene in April (on the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs) and Cubans will adopt plans for economic and social reforms

  • explore ideas on how United States-Cuba relations might be improved

  • visit with key players in government and independent sectors

  • learn as much as possible about the cases of the Cuban Five prisoners in the U.S. and Alan Gross in Cuba.

That third one certainly sounds like foreign policy to me… but then again he had the blessing of Obama… Seems Obama told Trumps transition team that it was cool…


Actually it think it is ALL about impeachment. Collusion was never part of the game and from day one Obama’s people have thrown up the Logan act and anything else they can use to discredit Trump even though Jimmy Carter went to Cuba 1) during an active travel ban 2) with the publicly stated objective of talking about US/Cuba relations. Democrats have chanted impeachment from the time he won the republican primary… You may be right that Trump would have to fall on his sword for his kids but the ‘investigation’, the dossiers and the leaks seek to damage credibility leading to impeachment. Resignation to save his children would put him in a noble class… impeachment is the most public way to damage not only Trump but his agenda and everyone who voted for him.


Thought you were going to raise he level of conversation here and we get the same old song from the progressive left.

Have you thought about the reaction from the far right should you continue to manufacture truth and actually impeach Trump?

I suspect it will not be pretty.


Lot’s of off-the-cuff speculation in this thread. I want to be clear about how this is going to break down.

This Flynn thing by Mueller is a shot across the bow and it follows the narrative established early on by the Steele Dossier that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government

This is the Cambridge Analytica/Brad Parscale /Jared Kushner/Facebook/ Russian troll farms loop with Alfa Bank/Trump Tower/ Mercer connections and it’s important stuff with multiple violations of the law attached.

This is actually the least of Trump’s exposure although it all can bring the administration crashing down if times were normal and government worked as it should.

The real problem for Trump and his coterie is the money laundering which the Trump Organization has been engaged in for the last twenty years or so, the compromised position that this has placed Trump in and the leverage which it has provided to influence his actions.

The Russian sanctions and the Magnitsky Act have had a profound impact on the criminal enterprise with a foreign policy masquerading as the Russian government and the evidence suggests that the President of the United States has engaged in a quid pro quo agreement with Vladimir Putin to the detriment of America’s interests on the global stage.

The make-up and the background of the lawyers and investigators of the Mueller team is overwhelmingly weighted toward international financial crimes and money laundering.
Mueller is coordinating with Eric Schneiderman, NYAG and ally in entrapping Trump for engaging in federally unpardonable breaches of the law through wire transfers.

Just look at the bench that Mueller has assembled and ask yourself whether the thrust of his investigation is collusion or FinCen related issues.

Trump knows that he is culpable on both fronts and now he knows that Mueller is ready to take him on so the game is afoot.


Not sure how you know for certain how this is going to break down??? We know that the Trump transition team was working against the Obama administration foreign policy but we don’t know how Mueller will prosecute that and the collusion with Russia before the election.


You have that nitwit down to a tee ! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Andddd you are somehow privy to information that no one here has?.. You have peaked into Trumps returns have you? Your addition to the narrative on this thread is welcomed food for thought, but I suspect that it just adds to that speculation you were eluding to…

P.S. - anything short of a quid pro quo and their is no collusion and Mueller running farther afield as he did with Manafort wouldn’t set will with the electorate. I don’t think anyone would want some ‘installed’ in the white house by a foreign power but zeal to bring down Trump for anything is probably a bit much even for democrats that actually believe in our election process…