For Once I Find Agreement With Pope Francis


I have in the past pondered these very words “Lead us not into temptation” …


I think the pope’s efforts would be better placed towards a million other things today .


No doubt true but at least this public comment didn’t stir the pot for the Antichrist…


I really, really don’t like Francis, but I can’t really object to this one, it’s closer to the original latin, I’ve always known the phrase as ‘‘No nos dejes caer en tentación’’ which is ‘‘do not let us fall into temptation’’, putting the act of doing so in the person and asking God for help.

My parents are Opus Dei - so there’s that.


Keep the prayer, swap the pope.


I will never agree with anything that this man says or does, even if on the surface they make sense. I don’t trust him at all. He’s the antichrist.


What does it take to be considered a heretic in this day and age? Can the pope be considered a heretic, or does what he say goes with no questions asked?

Anti-pope when?


You’ve not heard of the infallibility of the Pope??? I just think it’s funny that they’ve been praying wrong all this time. Probably explains all the unanswered prayers. :joy::joy: