Forensic Investigator Says DNC Computer Hacked Locally!


To the Dems it’s become more than a party, it’s become a religion.

A religion of power.


That’s funny considering that the GOP has it all.


That’s what’s driving the Dems insane.


But you said they have all the power. There’s been times when they control the White House and both houses of congress. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.


Again, you’re unable to see the simple point made. Not surprising.


No I don’t, I just recognize the reality that democrat or republican, for politicians it’s all about the power. But foolishly, like a good partisan, you think that only democrats are concerned with power. :roll_eyes:


He of course didn’t say that at all… now did he?


Democrats or Republicans its all about power. :wink:


The only thing that keeps democrats together is the block vote… The only thing. Republicans, even if they have differences of opinion execution, they agree fundamentally with each other. The fractional parts of Democrats actually can’t stand each other…


Perhaps it is right now, but those tables always turn don’t they?

Lately, the GOP has its own internal parties and perhaps the fact that they have the least amount of registered voters is telling.


A minute ago you said that the GOP had it all… which is it? The establishment GOP (those most closely aligned with democrats) are finding themselves isolated. The Republican party is either going to push the those affectionately referred to as RINO’s back to the democratic party where they came from or the Trump segment will create that 3rd party you crave.


Mmmmmmm, I’d say in name only.