Former PM of Australia: Stop treating Muslims with kid gloves


  • Those living in our country must conform to our rules, says Tony Abbott

  • "Australians pussyfoot around the fact that Koran commands things incompatible with the West”

  • Time to stop making excuses for other people


The more credible people that come and start saying these things the better. It will prove that you can openly express your opinion without the standard career killing that the left dishes out. After this Kathy Griffin thing, I can only hope that the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way.


Well . someone came to their senses .


The families of the victims of ISIS beheadings have to be horrified that an American would glorify such a cowardly act ! Only a true LIBERAL would think of such a thing !


I’ve got to believe that at least 80% of world leaders are aware of how truly toxic radical Islam is to Western civilization. Unfortunately, less than 80% of world leaders are lacking the backbone to say it publicly.