Former Political Debate Forums Member


Hey everyone - I’m Mitch and I received the invite from @Patriot as a former Political Debate Forums member. That was a really great community and I am glad to see it taking on new life and in a new form. I’m not sure where I fall out politically at least as things stand now in the country.

So about me - I’m originally from Montana. I worked for several years as a Montana State Trooper straight out of college. I then joined Customs and Border Protection and worked in Arizona and New Mexico as a Border Patrol Agent for almost five years. I recently left that and now work for ICE on the air travel side of the house. I have a beautiful wife who is a CPA (someone needs to make the money) and a three year old son who has more energy than the both of us combined!


Welcome home brother.


@Mitch thank you for accepting the invitation and we look forward to you sharing your thoughts and perspective.