Former Putin spy guarding US Embassy


The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has awarded a $2.83 million contract to a security firm founded by a former KGB agent who worked with Vladimir Putin and British double agent Kim Philby.


Russia is an invented threat by the Neocons and Globalists who hate Putin because he, like Trump, rejects Globalism.

Would you rather fight China AND Russia, or fight China WITH Russia?


War is degenerate. :blush: I’d rather fight neither, but if you think that Russia and China aren’t a threat to the US, you haven’t been paying attention to geopolitics. :wink:


I would say that anyone that believes that Russa has changed from its communist aspirations has been mislead and even more mislead are those who believe that Russa or for that matter China are intending an isolationist, live and let live, foreign policy. People believe that since the collapse of the USSR that the communist aspirations of the polite bureau died an abrupt death. The only thing that happened with the Soviet aspiration is something the communist party has done numerous times in its history… strategic retreat. Russia and for that matter China have realized that they could play the capitalist game and extract massive amounts of wealth from a rather gullible west… They have and they are. But make no mistake, they are both Marxist lead ideologies; one under a Stalinisk form of repression and the other lead by Confusion principle with a totalitarian twist.

Make no mistake, Russia and China are the enemy of true Judo Christian values… but then again, so is are the Globalist who vie with them to control the resource and production of the world… Do not mistake the globalist aspirations of the progressive left and their neocon transplants as anything less than another form of Marxism. The farther we allow ourselves to be pulled away from the rule of law and bedrock values that guide and keep a culture safe… the more we buy into this idea that liberalism is somehow the preferred variety of Marxist principles.