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Why. What did I say now?..


so what youre saying is that you cannot debate or engage in civil discourse and name calling is your only option?

This is why why dont take the far left seriously, you can engage in free speech even its offensive but ad hominems should be a bannable offense in my opinion.


Well for starters, I already addressed this in the thread. If you read @Patriot’s message you would understand that we are taking action today.

Also - there was no need to phrase your post in the same manner in which you claim to be offended by.


I know some people like to push the limits cause that’s how they are. I would suggest that if anyone goes beyond @Patriot’s mode of conduct, as defined in his post, they should get one and only one fair warning. :warning: After that warning shot they should get banned if they cross the line.


I didn’t lable anyone with it…I referred to it as word that no one gets offended enough by to get flagged.

Look…I understand what u guys are trying to do. And I’m not blaming you for the position that u have to be in now. My blame is put on all the pansies on here that get offended by dumb shit.

I will do my best to abide by the rules but as soon as someone gets out of line with me and nothing is done about it,…well then I guess my avatar will be some fruit loop with rainbow hair.

The only reason I donate to this site was because I thought we were able to speak how we felt…


I hear what you’re saying and I get it. But the best way to draw attention to it is not respond and flag it so I can do what needs to be done - that’s my role. We are applying a different emphasis with the flags now and immediate action will be taken. We’ve untied our hands.

The goal is to keep the ideas and discussion flowing and not have it get derailed by personal attacks and flame wars.


One rule that will need to be made sooner or later: no more than two or so embedded quotes in a reply. I don’t know why I don’t see that here, maybe there is some way you prevent it already, but on other forums I’ve seen trolls spoiling topics by posting copied text, pictures, videos, then replying to each other until a single post takes a long time to scroll through.

You can expect that eventually the resourceful trolls will find this place and use all of their tricks.


It’s pretty obvious that the conservatives have the majority here so it BEHOOVES admin to make sure under-defined rules do not cause any undo BIAS to the Liberal MINORITY here. We could EASILY drown out anything they have to say even without it being our intention. I DO NOT mind the personal attacks so much because that helps other define the level of emotion constraint and intellectual prowess of those opposing me. It actually strengthens my argument.

Not one patriot here should have skin so thin that they couldn’t take a bullet, let alone an insult.

THREATS against me or mine will never be part of any free-speech I ascribe to. There are those of us who would never respond to a threat like that on this forum or in writing at all, but WOULD respond in more insidious, you’ll -never -see -it -coming way. This I know as fact.

The internet USED to provide us with anonymity. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that still exists. And no one would have to travel to bring a world of shit down upon you. it’s called software, coding, and the will to exact their personal idea of justice.


Just flag those posts as spam. @KVN will take action.


We have never had rules against banter or heated exchanges. When talking politics things tend to heat up. We get that.

Criticizing ideas and not the person who has those ideas isn’t too much to ask.


…and logically the Partner Publications OPs would be excluded as they often employ multiple embedded quotes and protracted comments…often quite well done.

Oooops! He did say “replies”. My bad.


I agree. And that is awesome!


I agree. Post a pinned definition of AD HOMINEM above your rules


Thanks for the recommendation.


Good for you man. Crack the whip. Someone crosses the line then they just earned themselves a one way helicopter ride. Play time is over.


I agree wholeheartedly with your position. If someone behaves in a way that is incompatible with your community they should be eliminated.


Thanks for all you do @Patriot


I have not been around long enough to know what is going on here, but after a decade on political forums this sounds frighteningly familiar.

I wanted to say a sincere, Thank You! Thanks for welcoming me and a bunch of us from another Forum at this time.


There is some merit in this.

It is PsOS, BTW … or just leave it as POS and cover singular and plural.


Good move @Patriot

If you get as big as Google, Twitter, or FaceBook, then I’ll start yelling “Public Space!” at you :wink: … but a public-private park is fine for now :wink:

We all appreciate the work you put in, especially for providing a great comments section facility for Partner Publications.

Also, tech-wise, FreeBird always works nice and smooth. My compliments to the chef.