France Passes Law Saying Children Can Consent To Sex With Adults


Thanks for the explanation, but I think youre falling for good ol’ monte’s derailing the thread again.


I’m well aware of his past afilitions and positions and just like Trump, they’ve changed. This guy is governing as a conservative and he’s pissing off his supporters for it.

Sorry Scott, but he’s a conservative now.


I’m sorry :grimacing: … I will quietly see myself out… :door: :walking_man: … on the up side of the thread, under Macron, the French has just passed a law allowing children to be groomed into consensual sex… That would most surely put him in the liberal camp…


Macron is not a conservative. He’s a globalist. He’s the same type of open borders globalist that are lining up to destroy Western Civilization. Macron conserves nothing. He only destroys.


I understand. I think @tt53 has already addressed the fact that Macron is anything but “conservative” when he was in a socialist party. As usual. @Montecresto1 is derailing the thread from “there is no legal minimum age of consent in France” to “Macron shook hand with Trump, therefore hes a ‘conservative’”.

Watch, he will keep posting unrelated Macron articles to drown out the topic at hand about the minimum age of consent.


Ultimately, the American benefit of Macron’s election is his general approach to things. He is the American friend that Le Pen will never be. She believes in nationalist sectarianism and economic statism. Both those agendas run counter to our interests. Correspondingly, while American conservatives might not find Macron ideal, his presidency is a good match to our interests and ideology.


I can find several articles from several sources with titles similar to that about Trump… Pssst… we have differing opinions about are our ‘interests and ideology’ and who would best be a good match for them…


Macron served as France’s Economy Minister from 2014–2016 in the Socialist government of Francois Hollande. He was a card-carrying Socialist party member until “leaving” in 2009, but was still brought on as a senior Hollande staffer from 2012–2014. Macron is a Socialist.


Of course we are talking to someone who is trying to convince everyone that the center of the political universe is Democratic Socialism… so anything even slightly right of Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn would be center right…


Indeed, that’s a given.


Yeah, I’ve already addressed where Macron was. Most of Trumps political donations were to democrats, he supported the 1994 AWB. Trump was registered as a Democrat for more than eight years in the 2000s, according to New York City voter records made public during his campaign for president in 2016. "It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans. Now, it shouldn’t be that way. But if you go back, I mean it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats.
Things/people change!!!


Conservative is a perspective


I wonder how many planes are chartered by NAMBLA and other groups of Pedophiles and other sexual thrillers seekers to the land of their bliss. :blush:


Trump has been politically promiscuous all his public life… he has been a republican and donated to democrats and vis verse … he has been an independent and indeed threatened an independent race if he lost the republican primary this time. It is very difficult to know what he is thinking and what his endgame is and that is worrisome but I don’t believe he is a Russian puppet. He does have one theme that has been steady in his campaign rallies that gives one pause for thought…

Obama’s was the mantra of a very nebulous ‘Hope and Change’… Trump used the Rolling Stones song ‘You can’t always get what you want… you get what you need’…


I’d say he’s been more than just politically promiscuous. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


unfortunately we have a threat to children here and he also posts with the same jmn5611 i have confronted him multiple times about his comments but he thinks it is a normal way to think about children


Let’s get back to the real subject of France’s ridiculous law enabling perverted pedophiles. :-1:t4:



yes we need to talk about how we can reverse the law so perverted pedophiles like jmn5611 do not become even more bold in their savage quest

FREEDOM76 will you help me expose jmn5611 around here one men can not fight the good fight by himself :santa:t6:


We should offer him a one time only, a one way airline ticket to Paris and escort him on to the plane and buckle him his seat.We could pass the har around on Freebird to pay for the ticket to his destination of sexual bliss.
This says a lot about the perverted thinking of French politicians. I guess our MSM is " unaware " of this newsworthy item.:couple_with_heart_man_man: