France shuts down its only Islamic de-radicalization center


Good one France - I suggest replacing “deradicalization centres” with free helicopter rides to sharia states if you want a 10/10 effective solution.

France has officially shut down its only state-run radicalization prevention center in Pontourny, near the Loire Valley, intended to host up to 25 people who become radicalized and choose to enroll on a voluntary basis.

The French Interior Ministry noted in a statement on Friday that the live-in reception center in Pontourny was “experimental,” and “showed its limits.”

It was therefore decided to shut the facility down, the statement provided by AFP said, adding that “the government will study the possibility of opening [some other] small structures to develop alternative solutions to incarceration.”

The French government decided to open the center with the objective of “preparing and developing an educational program used for the reintegration of radicalized young people in the process of marginalization,”Le Parisien reported.

But since opening last September, the center has only welcomed nine volunteer residents, and none of them have completed the program, the interior ministry said, as cited by the French newspaper.

A Senate report, unveiled earlier this month, lambasted France’s deradicalization strategy, calling for the center in Pontourny to be closed, Le Parisien reported.

The center is running empty, without a single volunteer, while thirty employees are paid without having a specific mission, French lawmakers said. The experimental center has meanwhile cost a total of €2.5 million ($2.9 million). Denouncing the “financial mismanagement,” the report recommended “ending the experiment.”

Suspicions of inefficiency add to the criticism. The departure to Syria of a young woman, thought to de-radicalized after spending time at the Prevention Center against the Sectarian Derivatives related to Islam (CPDSI), founded by France’s “Madame Deradicalization,” Dounia Bouzar, and dedicated to helping young people lured by ISIS, had already illustrated the failure of the program in November 2015, Le Parisien reported.

The head of the counter-terrorism coordination unit in France, Loic Garnier, told Le Figaro in January that around 700 French citizens are currently in Syria or Iraq.


This tells me that the French knew exactly what they were getting into when they started importing millions of Muslims into their country. Why else establish a facility to “de-radicalize” their new guests? It also send a pretty clear message that none of the Muslim economic migrants want anything to do with de-radicalization. They want to impose the same backwards practices that kept their countries of origin from ever developing. I also don’t think that the de-radicalization center “experiment” failed. The policy of allowing radicalized Muslims into the country, no questions asked is what has failed France.


The implication here, of course, is that this entire “multiculturalism” agenda is physically impossible. But they’ll never admit it.


I think a trébuchet ride in the general direction of the nearest Islamist shithole is a much more cost effective solution. It is also a green solution by creating fertilizer which is naturally good for the Earth, something leftists won’t be able to argue with.


Wait …so it’s a volunteer program – meaning, they WANTED to be de-radicalized – and NOBODY completed the program? And there was over a 3:1 ratio of government employees to participants and it cost $3 million for 30 employees? Government does nothing right. There are much simpler ways to “de-radicalize” the enemy and gain a military benefit. Soldiers always refine their marksmanship skills on moving targets.


Charles Martel is writhing in his grave. They are erasing all of his work. Muslims tried this shit in the 8th century, but Martel held them back from France. Now, thanks to Soros, they’re coming in on all sides.


Maybe the answer lies in more genital mutilation. Of Muslim men. Transgender, hormones. Whole nine yards.