Free college for illegals in NY


NY Gov. Cuomo wants Dreamers to attend college for free . What about the young citizens that have to take student loans ? Nothing for them ? Just how many taxpayer dollars are democrats going to waste on illegals ? How many federal dollars will they pass on for their sanctuary Cities ?
Jan. 26, 2018 - 2:17 - Provision in state budget plan would extend free public college tuition to students brought into the U.S. illegally


I’m not quite sure how he is going to pay for it when this tax base moves out of state… but then again, that has never seemed to bother progressives before… damned the torpedoes…


Democrats and their base never worry about how to pay for things , they are too dam busy spending . :roll_eyes:


SICKENING! My daughter is about to start ECU as a JR and she will need loans… Hey I got loans and she can get them as well.


Democrats have NO sense of Country , borders , or the ability to obey the law . When a State extends benefits to those who are NOT even citizens over that of their OWN taxpaying citizens puzzles most . :exploding_head:


Again at the risk of repeating myself,What does this say about the voters in the Vampire State??? To repeatedly re-electing these Ringmasters of the Clown Circus , the voters are ultimately responsible for their own shagging.
Maybe white and black students could have the ACLU file a Federal Discrimination lawsuit against Mario Homo.


Liberal cities attract illegals and welfare queens and like-minded liberals, voting for more liberal policies and politicians.


Just cut my check for my SUNY student loans today :expressionless:

As a student, NYS counted my MGIB against me as income and jacked up the tuition rates so they could get as much as possible.

2 wars. 3 deployments.


Another Vet getting the shaft!!! I bet you don’t need the KY !!!
Well isn’t that nice of Gov. Homo to shaft working class students and others that could use “Free Tuition” . Who gets to pay the freight for the “Free Tuition” ??? There isn’t anything free. It’s paid for somehow.
I feel for you bro, I’m retired US Army,19D20 ,21 yrs.


I got a raise this year, my daughter graduated from college.

I feel your pain.


It is shameful that an illegal could get a free education before a veteran that served for our Country !!! :astonished:


The left are incredible in their compassion for illegals yet lack of compassion for American citizens. Guess the voting block compromising ex-military is to small to consider or they tend to be conservative


The problem with most voters is they pin point a single issue and either refuse to vote altogether or vote for the person that agrees on that single point . It could be abortion , guns , taxes , immigration , etc . But they rarely pick the person with a majority of issues they agree on because they can’t get past a single issue . The media has a massive influence on what voters hear and believe and we all know 98% of today’s press is totally bias ! I believe there is a saying " tell the same lie many times and the masses will come to believe it as FACT ! :roll_eyes:


Let Governor Homo and his merry band of Leftists, pay their tuition out of their own pockets . This is the inverse of Robin Hood.They steal from the poor taxpayers and give to those who are paracites of society.As if the residents of the Vampire State don’t pay enough in taxes. The taxpayers at the capitol bldg with pitchforks and torches


The only people who should be allowed to vote on this bizarre idea are those who are actively paying their college loans.


Bizarre ideas and taxes are the cornerstone of the democratic party .


Furthermore, colleges have forsaken the idea of real education where differing opinions are discussed; instead, colleges have become indoctrination camps for “progressive” socialist ideas of the Democratic party. The Dems are trying to get more into the brainwashing camps called colleges.


Democrats clearly want working Americans to see it is far better to have the taxpayer provide for your every need than to work for want you want . Once they provide then THEY CONTROL ! :roll_eyes: