Free college for illegals , now free tablets for CONVICTS!


Governor Homo of NY offers FREE college to all illegals , now FREE tablets to all cons ! :roll_eyes:
The tablets will have access to educational content, eBooks and music, and will even allow inmates to file grievances and contact their family and friends, PIX 11 reported Wednesday. The products won’t give inmates access to the internet.:roll_eyes:


How much more Rediculous does this have to be. I guess the Vampire State legislature approved the funding. I hope the voters remember this. What a waste. I hope parents of children in Underfunded schools remember this too.


In a time where schools can’t provide enough books for all the students, New York has decided to reward their inmates.


“You have the right to not use this device. Anything you do on this device can be used against you. You have the right to not use this device. If you refuse to use it, one will be awarded to a child in the inner city. With these rights in mind, are you still willing to use this device?”


Well in most democratic States the real workers are too busy just trying to pay all the huge taxes and keep their heads about water , they have no time for anything else . The dems cant find enough ways to waste taxpayers money . Sanctuary Cities , free college for illegals , free tablets for convicts …l:exploding_head:


The dems want to keep voters dumb , that’s why they want more immigrants from Turd -World Countries . And they intend to keep them voting democrat by give out more free sh*t ! They are anti-law enforcement .


Mostly likely those too dam dumb to turn it on will have to give it to some illegal in one of their sanctuary Cities .


Superhey,what does some of your comments have to do with taxpayers paying for prisoners tablets when underfunded inner schools could use them. How can the governor approve this with a straight face to the taxpayers. Not being a resident of NY, I don’t know how much media coverage was of this.


Sarcasm was intended i’m sure .


Pumping money into “underfunded” school is not always the solution. You can sit a kitten in front of the most advanced quantum computer and nothing will happen.


Wow, sickening. The only tablets these animals should be getting is cyanide.


I’m sure the prisoners will be downloading educational stuff and emailing their children, wives and ministers. Nothing could possibly go wrong.


Democrats = anti-law enforcement , anti-God , anti -American and anti-white !


Not when 90% of them will be used as weapons !


Those teachers must be great and not have to buy the basics ( pencils, tablets etc) .How many schools have this graduation rate?
There’s no reason today why teachers at any level should have to pay for students basic necessities. The Greed and Corruption must be unbelievable in our education system.