Free Speech Does Not Equal Violent Speech.. No Matter Where It Comes From


Left are a little out of joint over this ‘invasion’ of privacy… Do Unto Others, But Not To Me… Damn It !


Sorry that does NOT apply to BLM ., their violent speech is met with approval !


I’m starting to think that is changing… the demies seek the negative affects it is having particularly when a demie looses a storefront and the police just watch…


As we seen in Texas , Florida and anywhere there happens to be a natural disaster black LOOTERS taking advantage of others misery and it rarely get a second look . Take a look at the people on the ground that volunteer to help and there is NO diversity there 99.% white . BLM has made it fashionable to kill police and the left , in their inaction, approves !


Black people have been the looters to their shame but that’s not true that no people of color have been involved in rescue and recovery.


That is true… but then again, he didn’t say ‘no people of color’ either… Reread it… you’ll see :blush: (psst… I’m just ribbin ya … cause I wouldn’t want you to take it as a nasty dig or anything… you might stop talking to me…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:)


A legal storm is building after a D.C. judge ordered a web hosting company to give the government a broad swath of data about individuals connected to an anti-Trump website despite arguments that doing so would impinge on their First Amendment rights and stifle online political discourse.

The left is getting a taste of their own medicine. Conservatives were targeted and attacked by the government for eight years during the Obama administration. No one came to their aid and rescue. How many Tea Party sites were shut down? How many 501(c )(3) applications were denied to conservative groups but approved for liberal groups?


Tit for tat has always been the best way to govern the country.


But… I thought we were all suppose to jettison that model and come together singing Kumbaya… For the last one hundred years I would say that … um … er… tat has been winning far to much of the time because the compromise the ass off of … ah… um… well… you know… the other side…:hear_no_evil: