Free Speech in The United Kingdom is Dead

Free Speech in The United Kingdom is Dead

On Friday 9th March 2018, Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone of Generation Identity were detained at Luton Airport by authorities for reportedly “causing tension between local communities” and “inciting hatred” despite no crime being committed.

Sellner flew to the UK on Friday to give a speech at Speakers Corner in London, an area which claims to be open for public discussion and debate but this no longer seems to be the case.Authorities deemed Sellner to be such a threat to public safety with his speech they detained him on arrival to the UK without any foreknowledge of the contents of said speech. Ironic it is that the speech in question was on the topic of free speech, which we have now seen the proof as being too controversial a topic for Britain to countenance.

Lauren Southern revealed that she has been in contact with Brittany Pettibone while in detention. Brittany explained how the police have detained both of them separately on the fact they have “right-wing opinions” and was planning to meet Tommy Robinson to conduct an interview.

This is an dangerous sentiment by the British government who claim they enforce liberty and freedom unless you hold right-wing beliefs, it would seem. The authorities went as far to call Tommy Robinson an "extremist" according to a tweet by Caolan Robertson.

How did the police make that assessment? For criticising Islam? A belief system that has the right to be criticised like any other. Would someone be arrested for debating the ideas of Christianity? I doubt it, yet here we are; it would seem the UK will go as far as detaining two activists for questioning an ideology. Remember at the time of detention Sellner and Pettibone had yet to even leave the airport, no crime had been committed other than thinking the wrong things.

It becomes even more terrifying that in 2017 it was reported that 400 Jihadi fighters for ISIS had returned to the UK unopposed. These are terrorists who fought against our armed forces and have a pure hatred for anyone who isn’t them, welcomed back without question. It seems we’ve come to the point where literal terror threats have no problem entering the UK yet the people opposing them such as Sellner and Pettibone are prevented from talking, or even thinking about it.

If it wasn’t obvious before, it is now, the British people are living in a dystopian nightmare, George Orwell in 1984 said “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” and this couldn’t be any more relevant than it is today.

Unlike the US, the UK has no freedom of speech, rather a freedom of expression given via article 10 of the Human Rights Act. The core element of freedom of expression is that anyone can express their views out loud in a demonstration against what they see as a wrong-doing.

The Equality and Human Rights website states:

“This right is particularly important for journalists and other people working in the media. They must be free to criticise the government and our public institutions without fear of prosecution – this is a vital feature of a democratic society. But that doesn't prevent the state from imposing restrictions on the media in order to protect other human rights, such as a person's right to respect for their private life.”

If this is the case, why was Pettibone detained for planning an interview with Tommy Robinson? I highly doubt the interview was going to interfere with anyone’s private life rather discuss the religious ideas of Islam which in itself isn’t against the law. Likes of Richard Dawkins have been challenging the belief systems of religion for years it’s only since the made-up term of “Islamophobia” has it become ‘law-breaking’ to discuss Islam. No other religion has the same amount of protection against debate like Islam does.

The British government is laughably out of touch with ordinary British people, in a survey conducted by the BBC of 4000 people, 52% saw Islam as a ‘threat to the west’ and 42% were suspicious of Islam. And how can anyone blame them? Only today has the full realization of the Telford grooming gangs been uncovered, over a 1000 young children drugged, raped and abused and even murdered, 90% of the perpetrators being Muslim. This is all in addition to the Rochdale, Newcastle, and Rotherham grooming gangs to name a few. With the majority of the suspects following the teachings of Islam, why shouldn’t the religion be under close scrutiny and debate? People look towards Tommy Robinson as someone who talks about the real problems people have in areas which the government has dearly neglected. The decision to prevent Pettibone from interviewing Tommy Robinson on these issues is the start of a dangerous road to prevent and silence any real rational discussion.

Despite Sellner and Pettibone's detention, the UK Generation Identity group still planned to go ahead with his speech at speaker’s corner on Sunday 11th March 2018.

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PM May could have them.released at any time. Is she pamdering to the Leftists???


Seller had been invited to the Young Independence (UKIP) conference which has so far been canceled twice because of threats of violence against the venues by communist agitators and reactionaries. The British government is engaged in state repression of parties and movements which disagree with the Marxist teachings. The UK conservative party has been so infected with belief in equality etc that it is to all intents and purposes a Marxist party like Labour.


Pettibone was detained for an excessive use of makeup.

Getting locked up in England would be a dream come true for Southern. Just think of all the blacks and browns she could choose from.


I don’t see how anyone can seriously describe themselves as an “identitarian”. Cringy


Meanwhile back in the states, we also see free speech under assault.

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Did Harvard sanction this Christian student group just to teach it a lesson?
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Contrarian feminist says law school has not apologized for letting protesters take over her speech
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Canadian professor under investigation for promoting free speech in class
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Georgetown student calls for Ben Shapiro to be disinvited from speaking — on free speech
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Student government refuses to approve conservative student club, calls it ‘hateful’
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Florida outlaws free speech zones in higher ed bill
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The bill, which has garnered the support of multiple First Amendment non-profits, also includes a “Cause of Action” mandate, which would allow people to sue institutions if they feel their “expressive rights are violated.”

Iowa Dems claim free speech bill would ‘legalize’ discrimination
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The bill, introduced by Republican State Senator Amy Sinclair, would eliminate “free speech zones” on public campuses while allowing student groups to enforce ideological requirements for leadership positions.

Florida lawmakers revive campus free speech legislation
A proposal to protect free speech on college campuses has been revived in Florida after initially being voted down in committee thanks in part to opposition from the ACLU.
Provisions eliminating “free speech zones,” limiting the heckler’s veto, and allowing First Amendment lawsuits against universities have all been incorporated into a new bill that passed out of committee this week.


Just because the ‘Conservative’ party is suppose to be the party of the right, we need look no farther than McCain in the US to know that isn’t true. Except for a very few, and they aren’t particularly vocal, the Conservitive party is far left of any republican in the US… they have bought into the social state 100%.


Well… their is a whole spectrum of reasons why someone would call themselves a nationalist. I would say that even in the most multiracial country their is, harmony within the society depends upon an agreed upon set of mores, value and cultural norms. Now I know that some definitions also include racial homogeneity and it would seem that a segment of society pushes that idea (the ‘new right’ for example) but most that I have read center on culture and the destruction of it created by liberalism.


She is Conservative bread and butter in the US and she to is kept out of the UK… The establishment left and the anti Brexit crowd are deathly afraid of swaying public opinion away from their goals…


“which is viewed in the UK as a right wing organization.” So what? Is it illegal to be right wing now?


Well… if your are a left wing society, then… yes.


oh god end me now


Isn’t progress wonderful???


“ha ha reality has a liberal bias, ha ha everyone is basically the same, there’s just the human race what’s wrong with you are you a Nazi ha ha stop being paranoid”


I wonder if the people of the UK have figured out they are being socially converted into the pliant human beings the left wants them to be?


The refusal of entry to Southern, Sellner, Pettibone is a defining moment for us as a society. When we remove the possibility for discourse violence is inevitable, I forget who said that but it is surely the truth.


How did we get here, both the US and the UK where we attempt to prevent free speech and the exchange of ideas?

At one time we valued expression of ideas but now suppress the ideas that conflict with the accepted politically correct mantra of the progressive left.


The purveyors of authoritarian states work 24/7 to create minions who allow themselves to be subjugated. The ever popular taking of productive wealth by the state and benevolently giving it to those who are less ambitious subjugates the locals and foreign aid and strategically placed ‘loans’ bring the rest of the world into the fold. This of course takes a lot of money to buy that kind of influence but these guys are smart… OPM (Other Peoples Money) will always finance their ventures of consolidation and reeducation.


I don’t understand how so many people think it’s perfectly okay for a government to ban an emotion. It’s insane


That letter is one of the worst I’ve seen, obviously a foreigner who can’t write English properly who can’t be reprimanded because racism.