Free Speech in The United Kingdom is Dead


Banned from the country of your ancestors because your boyfriend had an edgy leaflet.


I wouldn’t over-estimate the literacy of British government employees if I were you


Who is monitoring all of the “right wingers” anyway? There must be a blacklist of people that was created by the government beforehand. I very much doubt they decide anything on the spot.


I ran through a lot of the psychology behind this move here.


She should’ve filed a “notice of discharge of notice by way of seeking clarification.” It would technically nullify this badly written notice.


I’m sorry…but your country went down the drain a long time ago. This is just more proof of what we already knew.



The UK wants to ban this.



this is what we want more of.



The whole video is also pretty eye opening on how the UK government has been attempting to silence Tommy for years, including purposefully putting him in situations where they know he’ll be killed.


This article by Raheem Kassam of Breitbart London was pretty good and his exchange with a lady on the Eurostar is particularly pointed considering state of dialog we can see on this forum between the left and the right.