Freebird Themes


Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on some themes today. Here is what I have accomplished:

  • Themes are now user selectable from the Hamburger Menu (three vertical lines to the left of your account avatar on the upper right of the screen). The selected theme will be denoted by an asterisk. Any theme selected by a user will correspond to their preferences and will remain in use until changed.
  • Dark is the new the system default. It’s how you see the site right now. If you are still seeing the site as light, simply refresh your page. If you want to go back to light, just do it. All new users will see the dark theme by default.
  • Light is the light version of the site. There are no visual customizations, other than some minor color adjustments that display better on a light theme.
  • Retro is a retro styled light theme based off of the original light. Things are more condensed and square. Posts appear like square chat bubbles.
  • Retro Dark The same as above with a modified color scheme for the square buttons (I’m still adjusting the colors).
  • Boxes The most drastic change of all the themes. Categories View, Topics List, Topic Cards, and Posts View are all different.
  • Dark Boxes Same as above, except all of the colors have been adjusted to best display on a dark theme.
  • Minimal is a condensed version of the activity page. It removes the Views and Activity columns, squares the avatars, and reduces some buffer areas.

To select a theme from the hamburger menu, simply look below the category box and click on the theme you want. Remember to refresh your page for all changes to take place. The theme will remain in effect until you change it. All themes have mobile versions as well, so switching from desktop to mobile will have no impact on the theme you selected. You only have to make the selection once and it is automatically tied to your user preferences across devices and browsers.


Thanks for doing all of this. I’m really liking the Boxes and Dark Boxes. It’s also good to be able to turn the brightness down. Helps to lower eye strain.


Appreciate ya bud. Good work. The dark setting is a lot easier to read.


Spiffy Man… diggin the dark boxes… somehow that sounds like sexual harassment of somebody… But I do like the way it looks… Thanks for the good work !!


Nice! I just got prompted to add freebird to my homescreen on Android. I did it and now the logo shows up like an app and it opens up just like an app would. Slick.