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Weekly close from July 2017. Not sure if you are familiar with BRV thread but it is also an inverted cup base from july/august 2017.

Oh and yes they are all over my charts, I am just hopeless at trading them at the minute :rofl:.


Haha just went for a p*ss and nearly missed another one :joy:

I am in just 3 candles late .

positive already…


yes everywhere ! Get your sunglasses on :sunglasses::joy:


Me too… :sunglasses:


Haha yes mine are not that full but similar, I just have a selection of specific monthly / weekly levels backed up on my spreadsheet.
I have had these on my charts for many years just haven’t bothered with scalp trades.

I am happy when my selection gives me the precision that I had this morning. This is the retest and reaction from my level I traded earlier. Not always this accurate but occassionally :+1:


Me too… ?? with Murphy’s law on trading ???

I am making a concerted effort to change that outcome ,hopefully by seeing things from a different perspective :+1::+1:

Another buy just opened four candles late

note to self: turn the f*cking volume up on trade alerts :rofl::rofl:


No, playing small lots to keep it real


Oh sorry gotcha. Yes it helps, the part I like about scalping these levels is, within about 20 - 30 pips push through you know the level is likely to not hold.
It is early for me yet but I am feeling a little refreshed analysing charts this way to scalp as I did most of the work years ago.


Looks chaos on the weekly chart but on the 1 min plenty of separation between levels and always something close by to use.


Absolutely Stu the other thing I notice is you pick up a feeling for the orders that are taking place on the levels. You can kind of judge the filling of the orders depending on the time that price is at the level.
I am not using any tick / volume data as I am not comfortable understanding what it can do for me yet but still I seem to be able to feel better what is going on with the price chart alone.

1 min candles illustrate what I am trying to explain…Capture%201%20min



Buying EU earlier would have been a bad idea! BTW, my AU short kerchinged. :stuck_out_tongue: If AUDCAD breaks through the demand zone I have a stop order waiting.


:+1: I used to fly without for many years and then I studied tick volume which long story short added significantly to an already high hit rate.


I know you are right on this one :+1: I just haven’t worked out yet how they will work.
I don’t know if on a one minute candle they will be responsive enough to say buyers are more than sellers and therefore buy off a level or if you use them on a 15 min or 1 hour candle to see the likely hood of divergence building.
I just don’t understand them yet. These are my platform options and I have never used them successfully through my own ignorance of how they can benefit me. more homework I guess!!!


If it FXCM you use (been a while but think I remember that format).

I have discussed how I use it in thread. Best way is just observe it at each level. You get used to seeing how it behaves when it hits a wall.


Correct this is FXCM’s platform, I also use MT4 which I am trading my micro lots off at present.

I have loaded the indi and will start to monitor against the 1 minute candles to familiarise the behaviour.
From the speed at which the price richochets off some of my price levels indies clearly aren’t needed to get in but I hope for something that will help with knowing how long to stay in the bounce :+1::+1:


I used to be a FXCM user as well, that was before they went elitist!


elitist ???

When they almost went down the pan I immediately took most of my funds out and left a couple of small accounts running.
I like the feel of their platform, purely because I got so accustomed to using it and I dislike change when it comes to trading…


Your right! I wanted in too early! Glad I asked you, but given the range it’s been in, I was tempted! If the daily candle closes below support, I am selling again!


Well they stopped their commercial accounts in America, in fact they ended up selling one of my accounts to Gain Capital whose platform was shit! But more to the point, I didn’t like the fact they just dumped my account without any notice to me!

I agree! Their trading platform was pretty awesome. Now I use Saxo and Oanda, and so far been pretty happy, currently I am exploring Blueberry on price action. We’ll see how that goes, but the reviews have been really good!


I believe they are now banned from operating in America because they lied about NDD services which they were running through a ghost company. They have been pretty dishonest in a number of areas leading me to reduce my account sizes.
I do however believe that their pricing levels are very consistent with market pricing. I have occassionally run platforms side by side and witnessed varying degrees of pricing (MT4) Blueberry was one of them incidently but I can’t remember how well they performed. :blush: