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I do recall that issue with them, also having read many negative things about them in the past lead me to have a negative view of them!


I believe big money just called the reversal on EU @ 15:40

That looks like a stop-hunt and entry-fill

edit: …and perhaps not. Support at 1.1530 seems to have given way. :frowning:


I have a -ve view of them due to having experience.


What is a “v-ve “ view? Don’t understand that language!


Sorry, I forget that is commonly used only by mathematicians and scientists.

+ve = positive
-ve = negative

It is just a form of shorthand… :grimacing:


Thanks for the clarification! As you were soldier!


Only trade for the day. Pressed for time this morning. This one trade increased my account by 2.79%. To put this in perspective Citibank is now paying 1.55% yearly on a high yield savings acct providing you maintain a 500. balance. They also pay 2.02% yearly on a 5000. 14 month CD. I now only trade the London and NY market. I have made a good profit for the week and am done for the week. Hate to give it back on Thur or Fri. Weeks I post charts, I will post all trades – the good - the bad - the ugly.


Always better to leave a winner than to try for a top.


As you were. Looking at chart and looked very heavy. Took a high risk short that worked. Looks like she may drop like a rock in light of the days US data and in anticipation of Fridays data. Entered another medium risk short and covered. Either prime steak or hotdogs.


Moved stop. Powell speaking. Could go either way.


Hotdogs. She moving round too much for my liking. Keep eyeball on her an keep my powder dry. Nice little profit.








I wish I had a scientific keyboard! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well … I read the data correctly, paused a bit before jumping in, but that has to be one of my worst NFP plays ever!

Then, when price came back to profit, I closed the EU position leaving the UJ to run. Another dumb move (in hindsight).

At least I got out in profit… :sweat_smile:


HaHa – that, mate. B the name of the game!:sunglasses:








Still a well formed H&S. Think it will B another down week. Only B scalping so go where she lead. Pretty well accepted another FOMC rate increase so dovish EU minutes this week could drop her to support.