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Done for the day – off to the day job.


Get a Reverse Polish Notation calculator. You can dumbfound your friends by loaning it to them.

There is no = :grin:


I meant to ask … why do you wish this?


How else can I write squared, cubed, square roots, cube roots, nth root of x, pi, integral, derivatives, e to the x… The one I miss the most is the 2 squiggly lines on top of each other meaning approx. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You are right! Writing x^y is really difficult, and that notation was used by programmers back in the 70s before ‘real’ character sets were invented.

x^y is something I use a lot.




Just copy the symbol only and paste it where you want it. If typing on a Word document, I think you can use alt+code (typed on the numerical pad with numlock on)

When you lift the alt key, the symbol appears.

See below…this is pasted from a Word doc:




Excellent! Thank you! :smile:


Today’s trades. Lines 4 and 5 are full scalps. I have my take profit set at 6.9 pips which over time I found to give me the best chance of hitting and provide a good profit. The 2-3 triangle a example of “shit happens”. First trade was simply a accident - hit sell button amd meant to hit buy button. I never operate on “hope”. Out of a bad trade second I realize its bad. Second trade hit sell to lock in spike - problem the down spike just as violent ended with small loss. Overall a tidy profit for the day.


On occasion ya just take the hit and wait for the next opportunity. :wink:


Days trades. Off to build something.


I have had mixed success with Oil E&P companies. The drastic reduction in the barrel-price since 2014 has crucified a number of smaller and larger companies. Now it looks as though the barrel-price (Brent) is stable above $70 and that is assisting a number of companies, including those running some huge leveraging ( $3bn ?? ).

So here is a company that owns various parts of licences in southern England. I came across them by accident when IGAS made application for a gas well or two in Nottinghamshire.

UKOG has a number of wells, some producing, in the Surrey and Sussex arena; otherwise known as The Weald (don’t ask me why it is called that). Particularly they have test wells that are delivering useful quantities to the surface without pumping. Currently they are running extended well flow-tests on a number of Limestone structures to gauge the value of their other licences.

I expect the progress to be slow, lubricated by the treacle that is the UK planning process. However, attractive attribute #1 … NO FRAKKING (important for UK environmentalists)
That is correct, extraction is not using frakking nor any other stimulation technique with the exception of pumping as required.

I also expect the share price growth to be huge. At least a disappointing ten-fold increase, although I will be holding for 100-fold. There is no Competent Person’s Report (CPR) describing the oil in place (OIP) for the recently discovered limestone structures and that is part of the reason for the current EWT program. As soon as the new structures are sized there will be an indication of the assets in place. Note that a reasonable estimate of the production recovery from OIP is about 15%, so when somebody declares a massive number remember that only 15% will be recoverable.



Note the 50.38 M share selling spike in the Dow Transport… Highest since '66 this week… Getting a bearish feeling for markets…



I think the market is showing a lot of bearish behaviour.
Some of it is down to Trump, wonder if he will relent on his trade wars…


I guess this is the answer…


Small profit this AM. Very profitable week. Closing week out. Next week - new opportunities.


Well, this running kick in the crotch to my investment portfolio does look like a buying opportunity in the indexes. So I’ll be looking to buy the dip but perhaps not to catch the falling knife, next week perhaps. Will see.

As they say in the classic index trading manuals JBTFDS


Those of you interested in knowing “how big is the required commitment” when you want to learn or pursue a career in trading, this is a pointer. Particularly heed the warning at 2:20

The sound is a bit variable, so watch out for the ‘startlers’ if you wind up the sound.