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EU still in a text book H&S.

Won’t try to determine a possible trend breakout until purple lines 3 & 4 convincingly breached. Attacking - taking scalps an runnin like hell till then.


I didn’t realise that you partake of the occasional extended trade, although I could have guessed from some of your comments a week or two ago.


Don’t very often. One of the reasons I only trade one pair is the fact I am gradually learning how it moves to different situations. I’m developing a “feel” for where shes heading in the short term. I generally keep a eye on the dow and gold when trading. That being said, a long term trade is still rarely over 24 hours. I’ve given away over 100 pips more than couple times. I only use a moving average crossover, trend lines and candles. Now, she crosses the trend I take profit. I keep the EU charts in my head – maintain a 80+% win rate. Simply couldn’t do that trading more than one instrument.


On the radar UJ


Have to scratch that one now missed me by about 5 pips and hourly swing in place. Will keep alarm on as never say never but unlikely.


Yep didn’t reach your 111.568 level, I saw 111.622 as a daily low on my platform.
I wouldn’t have traded it though as I couldn’t identify the level from history on my monthly or weekly charts.
If I don’t see where the level is coming from I won’t trade it as I don’t know the importance of the level. ie… strong monthly, weeker daily etc.
I am in no doubt if you have picked it it’s a good level :+1:


No low for me at your price. Had 18th Sep produced .663 which became week 38 low.
The reason for not taking that was still had 15 mins or so I think of the hour and the level I had, quite often gets tagged and produces a wick in the dying minutes of the hour, turning a strong bear candle for the lovers of those kind of things into a F.U. candle :grin:
Anyway not on this occasion.


Missed this short yesterday from the Dec 2016 monthly low :rage:

Still going through the rest of my charts to add the relevant monthly hi’s and lows.
Haven’t even got to using the volume indicator stuff you sent me yet :slight_smile:


Only one able to grab this week – but she full risk so :sunglasses:


The week is still young, keep on stealin’:+1:


Sometimes she just don’t act right so ya shoot it and move on – medium risk


And of course, after rid’in that damn horse for hours, she takes off way she spose to! :hot_face:


And this, boys and girls, what it’s all about. Full risk scalp. Just made 2.788% profit on my account in less than a minute. Would made 1.78% per year sitt’in in a bank. :rofl:

Done for the day, Gotta go build somebody a home.


:+1: sometimes it all goes well…

Here is the other side of the coin. I lost 2.867 % on 6 trades this morning which in itself is not a big deal just that I was up trading until early hours of this morning to do it
Would have been better getting some shut eye .:rofl:



Today’s entry took me down 1%. Would like any comments please.
My entry, long at the little circle since it seemed to be making a floor and proximity to major close level. That was at hour +45. At hour +55 or +56 price brushes the major level.
Stu, did you play this and if so, or not, what do you think.

So after a struggle price eventually dived through the major level…
…and then it came back! :rage:
…and of course it is now heading for my original TP

Oh look, it just hit 11546 !! :unamused:


No EX only one trade today, at Franky and it was Eur/Nzd. Your stop was LW Open :wink: It’s hard to imagine that it would not make a grab for it. This is a strategy in itself.

Edit: Can post E/N trade if of use ?


On road this morning. Decided to open laptop and open medium risk short EU after 9 AM (EST) 4hr pin. She open and covered.


Closed out. Too many idiot politicians making too many idiot comments about missing Saudi journalist. Thing could get out of hand. Done for the week.