Gab: Andrew Torba; Then vs Now (new features)

So Gab has added some new features Andrew Torba had previously been staunchly against, and all of this happens after the existential deplatforming campaign against Gab (due to the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting).

The feature allowing posters to curate their comments section by blocking certain replies entirely or deleting replies they don’t want anyone to see, is especially concerning.

This meme sums it all up nicely;

In more recent events, Gab has been pressured by the new govt in Brasil to give up details on users that are being charged with ‘hate speech’ … for now Gab is sticking to the US#1A protections as it is domiciled in the USA. But what happens if Brasil uses diplomatic channels to force the US govt to get Gab to comply?


Any thoughts on the developments at Gab?


Torba got exactly what he wanted - to get big and get money. Now that he’s achieved both he doesn’t want to lose the money or the status. This means that he has to completely sell out. Gab is going to go the way of Facebook and Twitter except a lot faster because Torba is only focused on lining his pockets and not building a good product. He never gave a shit about free speech either.

We need to go back to the smaller and decentralized internet. Instead of having big sites that are also big targets smaller and more nimble sites would be an unstoppable force.

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Torba was desperate to be an e-celeb and he’s also desperate to maintain whatever a little status he thinks he has. None of the decisions made by gab have ever really made any sense. I think that’s because it’s ego driven by Torba. Anytime there’s a little bit of pressure or discomfort the guy folds.

Torba is a faggot and only cares about attracting big names to Gab. Why do you think he added block features and ditched the frog. Rebranding to appeal to silicon valley types for money.

Personally I’m not as cynical towards Torba as you guys are, though I can see why he’s attracted such sentiment. I guess there’s an aspect of ego in all of this, but I got the impression at the start that his agenda to fight for free speech was genuine, mixed with a serious amount of naivete. The task of creating a Twitter alternative which is free speech oriented was always going to be a Sisyphean task.

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