Gaddafi Regime May Be Back in Libya



I wonder if this will truly be a problem for NATO if Gaddafi proves to be a stabilizing force in Libya.


Why am I not finding any credible sources on this? I have a real disdain for the mainstream media but there are no credible sources reporting on Aisha Gaddafi (plus her name is spelled with a “y” not an “i” which begs me to question this further). I did find a story on Qaddafi’s widow being allowed to return to Libya…it was published a few hours ago.


Yeah, none of the sources are too credible, that’s why the title says “…May Be Back in Libya.”

It’s sometimes spelled with an “ye,” and sometimes with an “i,” because there is no official form of romanization in Arabic that everyone has to follow. Gaddafi can sometimes be seen spelled as “Kadhafi” or “Al-Qadafi.” Like how in China, before there was the official modern Pinyin system that uses the Latin alphabet to display the correct pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese words, so you can sometimes see in older videos or pictures, Mao Zedong being spelled as “Mao Tse tung.” You must have known all of this though, since I can see that you used two of the many different spellings of Gaddafi in your post. So just know this, that the spelling of Aisha’s name has nothing to do with the reliability of the source. Also keep in mind that some of them were translated by someone from Russian, and unless one of us knows Russian, we can’t actually see the quality of the job that they did.


We should have taken out that entire mad dog’s family years ago. I hope they become the targets of terrorism in Libya so they can truly reap what they have sown.