GANGLAND - White Nationalist Gangs Growing in USA


"The massive rise in white nationalists groups across North Carolina has state officials concerned.’’

Leader of the Special Operations and Intelligence Section of the state Department of Public Safety, Tony Taylor, told ‘WRAL’ on Friday the gang population in NC is steadily increasing. However, white supremacy groups are beginning to appear more often than the others.

“We’re not sure what’s causing it. It’s just a trend we’re starting to see, and we’re trying to figure that out,” Taylor added…

Gangland & Torch Burnings

The main gangs in the state are ‘Crips’, ‘Bloods’, ‘Gangster Disciples’ and ‘Folk Nation’. (>all of the foregoing are non-White groups) Groups like the Aryan Nation and the Klu Klux Klan have expanded frequently… Studies revealed an increase of “in violence and violent behavior” according to DPS intelligence agent Russell Jackson.

954 Groups of Woke AF Whites

The Southern Poverty Law Center reported in February that hate groups have grown by four percent in the U.S. since 2017. ‘Alt-right’ organizations “increased from 784 in 2014 to 954 nationally in 2017.”

“Over 32 White Nationalist groups of various kinds exist in North Carolina…”

“The growth of white supremacy fan sites and social media pages continues…”

Riddle me this -→ As White advocates ranging from ‘Red Ice’ to Faith Goldy lose their PayPal accounts and other globalist-monopolized source$ of income, do ‘Black-Market’ profits from crime offer an alternative flow of money for the ‘Far Right’?


There is too much risk. I think getting better about accepting and using crypto is the way to go. That way it can’t be shut down and donations become much harder to associate with a person.


Whites ~ 95% of the population pre-1965

Whites ~ 62% of the population currently

Truly a mystery. The anti-White rhetoric that never seems to end also has nothing to do with it I’m sure.


The SPLC basically categorizes anyone who doesn’t submit to the will of Islam or multiculturalism as a “hate group” so this could literally mean one guy shitposting somewhere. That’s how fucked the SPLC is.


Many white supremacy groups engage in the same criminal enterprises as other gangs, Taylor said, and some gangs have even developed their own dark web apps to communicate out of sight of law enforcement. But he said recruiting is still mostly done via social media or in person.

“Usually, you can see it,” Taylor said. “You see your kid hanging out with people you just know they should not be hanging out with. You start seeing some of the social media stuff that doesn’t look quite right. That’s something I would encourage all parents to do – pay attention to that, because that’s where we get a lot of information from.”

My “cousins” are on 4chan, they must be in the same gang. Ill ask them tomorrow when I see them.


Hum… Triads or some such No?.. or maybe in the Seven Star user group?.. :laughing:


And they will be shutdown as quickly as they pop up . The FBI makes certain of that !!! Minority gangs are rarely bothered by the FBI but anytime white gather they put the hammer down !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


This is a dangerous situation. This is what happens If u slap someone in the back of their head long enough for something that happened in the past and are told by everyone that it is ok and they deserve it. The blacks got fed up and did the same shit in the 60’s "as they should’ve " and what pray tell may happen now?..:thinking:


Isn’t the Democrat party the biggest gang for whites only? They have destroyed every brown neighborhood in America lol


That trend seems to frighten some…


If you don’t care about what your culture morphs into… if your don’t care about the future of your family and what their future would look like… if you despise the past history of your country… if nothing of what follows your own death matters…then … No, it probably doesn’t bother you one bit in the least.


I’m indifferent to it as it’s a natural course, the only thing permanent is change. My family is quite content. I despise ELEMENTS of America’s past history just as you do.


I figured there would be more whites joining White Only gangs. Whites seem to be the target now.


This is clearly a problem to most Americans but Trumpers seem only to care about gangs of color…


With whites being attacked every day and always being put in a racist category, who else r they gonna group with…they r being pushed into this.


In USA or in North Carolina???


IN general…I’m not saying that all whites r aligning with white supremacy but if everyone is against whites, of course they are gonna band together. It’s a natural surviving instinct. Of course white supremacist are going to align with them because they r white and that doesn’t make all of them white supremacist



There is nothing natural about elements within the US attempting to force cultural change in rather undemocratic ways… and while ever action has a reaction, I don’t wish to see the culture in the US that has developed over several centuries scuttled by idiotic people in Washington… Civilian control of the military indeed…


That’s you putting it in that language, but Scott, whatever people want is the direction the country is going to go and it’s how we’ve gotten to where we’re at, and for 242 years we’ve had the same two party rule, and while Americans (to the tune of a staggering 44%) want something different having become sufficiently disgusted with their parties to change their registration to independent, the largest voting block by far of the three, they get into the polling both and they’re paralyzed and revert back to the vomit of the Democratic or Republican Party for their vote. I really don’t know what it’s going to take for it to register to independents that they are a majority, or for some enterprising individual to take the lead and put a message and a face to a new party and kick’s some ass, really shake things up. Diplomatically, professionally and organized, not a bull in the china shop approach that lacks sufficient support.