Genocide in South Africa: The Left’s Blueprint for the West


The celebrities here probably support the " Blackification" and confiscation of White run farms. Morgan Freeman would be doing commercials in support of it.
Without the White run farms SA will become a primitive country with the blacks wearing loin cloths and hunting animals.
The U.S. should allow any White farmer to speedily enter the country.
SA wouldn’t be any worse off if the Inkatha Freedom Party governed.


As do their “woke” followers.


Quite similar to what blacks are doing in Baltimore , Detroit , Stockton ,Oakland, New Orleans and Atlanta today . :roll_eyes:


Despite Apartheid, the Boers( Africaans)
made SA a modern country with a solid middle class. I’m not supporting Aparteid. but the ANC a Communist leaning party, will only pull the country down. For far to long they have dominated SAs government.
Eventually they’ll regress back to a primitive society wearing loincloths and hunting animals.


South Africa was lost because they tried to cling onto everything. They should have reduced the country to smaller, defensible white enclaves, and let the blacks eat each other, but that seemed too difficult, so they instead stupidly gambled on The Rainbow Nation. Of course, hindsight is 20/20.


Isn’t it “funny,” the way some patterns almost invariably repeat?


Excellent analysis. It’s occurred to me that perhaps they should have doubled down on the “Bantustan” thing. South Africa is manifestly not one nation; it is at least two nations, one white and one black (I’m not sure about the mixed-race Coloured population or the Indians), that happen to unfortunately occupy a single state formation.


I think one can take the position that some of the more questionable aspects of apartheid should have been reformed, and still maintain that the handover to the ANC was a terrible mistake.

Truthfully, I think trying to keep South Africa one sovereign state formation with universal suffrage for all was a terrible mistake–I think that’s the lesson to be learned here.

These are two very different groups. You have a modern, Western white population, and a black African population who were living in mud huts when the whites showed up. Some of them are a cut above that now, thanks to their contact with superior Western civilization, but the essential mentality of many of them still seems to be that of Iron Age barbarians.

These peoples–and I am aware that there are a number of different black ethnic groups in SA, so even they are not one people exactly–are very different from each other, to such a degree that it does not really make sense to speak of them as one nation. They are different nations, and their cultures and politics appear to be incompatible.


What’s truly terrifying is that this “WE WUZ KANGS” shit is really how these animals think and they will totally feel justified robbing, raping, and murdering us because of it. This is how the world ends.


Very true. We can expect South Africa to resemble yet another failed African shit-hole before long.


Where are those liberals that love to preach racism ?


They are long gone . Moved on to other nations to preach their divisive rhetoric and move other country’s into the Communist / Socialist block .


Where is Oprah and Whoopie!!! Or don’t White Lives Matter.