George Washington election


The election of 1789 was a unique one in American history. Only ten of the original thirteen colonies would vote in the election. North Carolina and Rhode Island had not yet even ratified the Constitution, so were not yet part of… Read the rest at: #VOR


The system the founders created has lasted unchanged. It’s amazing to me that they had such vision to realize that without the electoral college then the most populated areas of the country would have more powerful votes than the people who farmed and worked the soil. It should never change.


Sadly the people in the cities don’t feel the same way about the people who provide them with the food they eat, the water they drink, and the materials for the overpriced clothes they wear. Some call the founders elitists for designing our system this way. To those people, I say give me an example of a system that’s more fair, equitable, and actually works.


Yeah, the ‘equal justice under the law’ and ‘promote the general welfare’ mime wears a little thin when it interferes with the majority rules democracy… we haven’t heard the words ‘tyranny of the majority’ much lately. Transport us, all 327 million of us, to Athens and allow us our pederasty marriages too. Purity of democracy… purity of lust… er…love.


Thanks for putting this stuff out there. I’ve learned a lot in the past two days. We don’t talk about our history nearly as much as we should.