Georgia governor signs bill without Delta tax break after NRA rift


Guess the state of Georgia disagrees with Delta’s playing politics.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed Friday a tax-reform bill that eliminated a lucrative tax break for Delta Airlines over dropping its partnership with the National Rifle Association, but the airline insisted that there are no hard feelings.
Delta CEO Ed Bastiancalled the Republican governor a “great friend” despite the signing of the $5 billion tax-cut legislation, which was shorn by the state Senate of a $50 million jet-fuel tax exemption last week in retaliation for Delta’s ending of its discount deal for NRA members.
Delta announced Feb. 24 that it would eliminate the membership discount, prompting Republican Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle to vow that he would kill any airline tax break until the company reinstated its partnership with the NRA.

In a Friday statement, Mr. Bastian that he considered the governor to be a “friend” and thanked him for his work on the issue.
“I have tremendous respect and admiration for Governor Nathan Deal, and thank him for the work he has done on the jet fuel tax exemption,” Mr. Bastian said. “He is a great friend to Delta. I know this action by the state legislature troubled him as it does all of us.”
Mr. Deal said at a Wednesday press conference he would keep working to resolve the rift.
“Delta made a statement or an action that caused this dispute to erupt,” Mr. Deal said. “I’ve tried my best to resolve it within the time frame we have available to us. I am still hopeful that some of those feelings and positions can be rectified, but they could not be in the time frame we were operating under.”
More than a dozen companies have dropped their NRA membership partnerships following the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 dead.
Mr. Bastian said that the airline is reviewing its partnerships and would rescind deals with other political organizations.
“While Delta’s intent was to remain neutral, some elected officials in Georgia tied our decision to a pending jet fuel tax exemption, threatening to eliminate it unless we reversed course,” Mr. Bastian said. “Our decision was not made for economic gain and our values are not for sale. We are in the process of a review to end group discounts for any group of a politically divisive nature.”
He added that Atlanta would remain the airline’s home, despite overtures from states such as New York and Virginia.
“None of this changes the fact that our home is Atlanta and we are proud and honored to locate our headquarters here,” Mr. Bastian said. “And we are supporters of the Second Amendment, just as we embrace the entire Constitution of the United States.”

Delta airlines and NRA

Just like Delta can give or take back discounts as6 a “Business” decision, the state can decide to give or not to give tax breaks to as a Legislative decision.


This was the right move by Georgia. It shows these large companies that the people can hit them back - and we do that through our states. Delta were the ones who decided to jump into the political arena and they got smacked by politicians actually representing their citizens. This should happen with more companies. Not that the government should mess with business - but if you insult the citizens of that state then expect the tax deals that you get to be taken off the table.


Good - being stupid and screwing with the NRA just cost them 38 million dollars a year. Maybe next time they will learn to keep their stupid ass mouths shut and just worry about providing some of the shittiest airfare possible. Hell, they can’t even do what they are supposed to be doing very well. They should no better than to try new things like politics. Also - I think Delta blaming the NRA for a shooting is the same as blaming AAA for a car accident. It just doesn’t make sense.


Frankly I think that these ‘tax breaks’ and incentives that governments give business as an enticement to locate on their turf is wrong and while I absolutely agree with the sentiment of this decision it is at the end of the day using taxpayer money to pick winners and losers in the marketplace. The business has the right to set the social polices make up its culture and values. Our entire social order has been upended by government forcing business to hire by government criteria and sell by government criteria… It is time a business models success or failure is dictated by the feet of both its employees and customers but I fear that people on all sides of this issue will use big government where they can…


Exactly. The latest being Amazon selling their new location to the highest bidder is beyond the worst for taxpayers.


These tax “breaks” are nothing more than "Legal Extortion " .


Delta sells 180 million tickets annually. Last year 13 people used the NRA discount.


Has nothing to do with discounts.

It has to do with the airline or any business pushing a social justice agenda on people.


My point was that no one really knew about the discount or used it.


And people are unaware of many discount from airlines.

Interesting things about airfares is they change change several times a day which is a tactic the airlines use to force people into booking now instead of waiting for a week or 2.

Bereavement fares are often higher than a fare booked on the internet.
Military, Senior, AARP discounts and few are used or worth it.

The discounts are off full price fares.


Lets hope another airline offers NRA discounts.


This was all a ploy for Delta to virtue signal to liberals. Big miscalculation on their part. The people they are appealing to can’t afford airfare and the people they pissed off can afford to fly elsewhere. You’re right though it was something like 13 - 14 NRA members that used the discount.


Let’s hope for some more legroom too.


Oh bullshit, you have no problem with government messing with business evidenced by your support of the Georgia government messing with a business because that business exercised its right, but a right which YOU don’t like. Hypocrisy!!