German Army Forced to Arm Themselves with Broomsticks


I’m not glossing over anything. To begin with, following WW2 we forbid Germany from ever having a strong military. A bare bones defense was it and we insisted on maintaining tens of thousands of troops there, all these years. I was one of them during the Carter years.


Germany is barely a shell of a country. Germany needs a leader that will retool the military to be the best in Europe.
The Hausfrau isn’t cut out for the job and the AFD is. She is the WIMPIEST leader in modern Germany’s history. As a pers6of German ancestry, I’m embarrassed by what Germany has become. :-1:t6:


Here, give this a read, and learn about Germany’s 1949 constitution and ‘Basic Law’ governing their military.


If you dopes are so concerned about everything Russian why isn’t the fair nitwit Stevie John Monte talking about Germany help the Russian economy with the purchase of all that gas ??? Not such a big Russia , Russia , Russia basher now !!! Why isn’t Germany paying their fair share ? Wasn’t the point of NATO to protect Germany from Russia ? When did you become a Russian fan ??? Stevieblunder you talk out of both sides of your smelly a$$ ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


They spend what they want to spend on their own defense. If they are militarily prepared to meet an emergency, fine, if not, why isn’t that their problem. It’s not as though the US has picked up the tab to bring Germany up to “proper” readiness as Trump is trying to convey.


We sacrificed thousands of lives fighting WW2 in Europe. We rebuilt Germany after WW2. If not for U.S. Soldiers the old Soviet Union would had rolled into Europe. If not for the U.S. the Berlin Wall would still be standing.

The first rounds of sanctions on Iraq, Germany continued to purchase their oil on the cheap. Rumors had it Germany was purchasing oil from Iran during those sanctions.

For all that we have sacrificed for Germany they repay us with threats of a trade war. They refuse to pay their agreed upon share for NATO. America has paid out Billions of Dollars over the years protecting Europe.

When the chips are down Germany is not really our friend. But it won’t matter for in a few years Germany will be mostly Muslims. Then the real problems start.


They didn’t start that, shrug…


And if it compromises their military readiness that’s their problem. The US hasn’t been kicking in the difference as the president is falsely implying.


The United States has violated sanctions also. I’ll remind you of when Reagan sold sanctioned arms to Iran and more recently Exxon has violated Russian sanctions and a Florida gun manufacturer is currently under investigation for the same. When pointing the finger there’s always a couple pointing back.


…and let’s not forget the Berlin Airlift…plane after plane after plane…full of supplies and food for West Berlin.


Protecting US interests which provides us 29 forward operating bases in the event that Russia starts something large scale we can (hopefully) stop them there before they make it here.


LOL you are full of it today


Well that’s a powerful rebuttal…


Germany needs a REAI leader that increases the size of the military to WWII levels and have a larger share of the budget to assume a better leadership role in Europe. What’s the worst thing to happen if they violate the agreement. An invasion!!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Seriously??? That wouldn’t concern you any? And who are they getting ready to fight that they’d need an army the size of hitlers. And do you realize that their constitution would have to be changed??


No it wouldn’t!!! Germany needs a military CAPABLE of defending its borders. Right now ,they couldn’t defend the Alamo. They need a military that large as a deterrent to Russia along with modern up to date equipment.
I’m not saying that I want Germany to recreate the 3rd Reich,but Europe needs a country with a leader that will take political leadership.
They could change the Constitution but its embarrassing to me , a country with so much potential to still have the black cloud of WW II hanging overhead. They need to shed the guilt feelings and stop feeling sorry for themselves .:heart_eyes:


Besides the fact that it seems odd that you’re concerned about Germany’s security. You really believe they need an army the likes of Hitlers to do so???


What are you talking about. The US and Britain was very instrumental in the creation of the military limitations of their constitution. Again, you should read about the 1949 ‘basic law’ that governed the German military.


I’m of German Ancestry and was stationed in Mainz while in the Army . Some people have emotional ties to their Ancestral Homeland.
Outside of the Nazi’s Reign, Germany has a proud history of contributions to the world . If there was a major conflict in Europe involving Russia, the bordering countries will need a strong German military to slow a Russian military advance until the U.S. becomes involved.
PM MERKEL should be ashamed about the sad state of the military. Updating military equipment will improve the economy and improve the military’s morale .
Increasing the size will provide jobs for people undecided about their future. The only way to have a better military, would be for the AFD to assume power. The other parties are to pussyfied or have guilt feelings from WWII .


Oh good lord, yeah that’s what Germany needs, another fringe right government. Not likely that Germans are going there.