German Election Results - Still Cucked But Improving


German election: Merkel holds onto leadership but far-right wins first seats since WW2

  • Far-right AfD enters parliament for first time
  • Centre-left SPD crashes to historic low result
  • Merkel remains as chancellor but sheds vote share on 2013
  • Small parties up across the board
  • Anti-fascists protest outside AfD headquarters in Berlin


Looking at the results, I think Merkel is going to face serious problems. She has to both a) keep the (more conservative) CSU, which has been bleeding voters, from quitting, and b) somehow put together a government with the (extremely left) Green Party. Look out for a snap election soon.


This is a bigger win for AfD than it is for Merkel. They have Bavaria and West Germany totally locked down.

Their call to increase native birth rates is admirable and should be supported in all Western countries.

Of course, not everyone thinks so…and the protests begin.


You mean EAST Germany. This is important. The fact AfD did 2x better in East Germany over West Germany is another proof liberalism is more corrosive than communism.


Next the third Reich is resurrected.


We weren’t gonna win this battle, but we will win the war.

All Merkel has left to compel Germans at this point is an odious campaign of state violence and censorship. Nobody genuinely believes her policies have lead to better outcomes for the German people. Her’s is an ideology in its death throes.


I just read this is now Merkel’s FOURTH term. How could anyone not be sick of ANY politician after FOUR terms!?!


FDR was liked that much…


FDR probably one of the worst presidents in US history. Started the welfare state and was cozy with Communists. Merkel is at war with her own people. It’s really sad they haven’t come to their senses.


You are the one that pointed at votes to defend Donald John, FDR was so popular he served longer than any other, same with Mrs. Merkel.


Especially with Japanese Americans.


Well placed jab @LouMan

Communists and their camps. Every single time.


Lol, the Alt right would be cheering if Trump rounded up Muslims and encamped them.


Followed by yet another diversion.

When the left is down they change the discussion, call names and then pout.