German Green Party Leader: Germans do not exist so they cannot be betrayed


“That’s a Nazi concept. There is no people, in consequence, there cannot be a treason of the people. It’s a statement of anger that can be really divisive, discriminatory and pernicious.”

Es gibt kein Volk und es gibt deswegen auch keinen verrat am volk. Sondern das ist ein boser Satz, um Menschen auszugrenzen und zu stigmatisieren.

There is no people and therefore there is no betrayal of the people. But that is a bad sentence to exclude and stigmatize people.


If Germans aren’t people then that must mean that German leftists like this guy can just get snuffed out without consequence. Good to know.


People like this are a threat and should be handled as such. They don’t value freedom of thought or expression.


These Leftists should have a one way ticket to the Putin People’s Republic where they would be welcomed. Chancellor Merkel should confront the Greens and educate them what Germans are.:laughing: