German Interior Ministry Reports Migrants Committed 52.7% More Crimes In 2016


Migrant Crime in Germany Increased by 52.7% In 2016

According to Germany’s Interior Ministry, and reported by the Telegraph, the number of crimes committed by migrants in Germany increased by 52.7 percent last year. In total, some 174,438 crimes were reportedly committed by migrants.

Thomas de Maiziere, the Interior Minister, said this as he presented the figures:

This is not something to gloss over. Those who commit serious offenses here forfeit their right to stay here.

He likewise (finally) admitted what most keen observers already know, that migrants are increasing crime, and that Angela Merkel’s “open door” policy is to blame:

The proportion of foreign suspects, and migrants in particular, is higher than the average for the general population.

Of course, being German, he was quick to temper his statements by saying that most migrants “adhere to our rules and values”—of course this is nonsense.

While refugees from the blood-soaked deserts of Syria are indeed more likely to obey German laws than are migrants from Afghanistan or Somalia, to claim that they agree with German values is patently absurd.

For example, data from Pew Research shows quite conclusively that people from majority Muslim nations overwhelmingly support Sharia law—and they bring this with them when moving to Western nations. Consider that some one-third of all ISIS fighters were born in Western Europe.

Regardless, even if the changes were relatively minor, the fact that the Muslim population in Germany has grown as rapidly as it has is cause for concern: rapid demographic shifts are always accompanied by chaos and violence. It’s called culture-clash. It’s a well-documented phenomena.

In Germany, some one-in-seven people under the age of 32 are Muslim—nearly triple the rate national rate. This is a massive shift, and to pretend it will not change Germany is wilful blindness.

However, the fact that the German government is beginning to address the issue more openly is a positive step forward.


Here I thought diversity was supposed to be some sort of a strength?


Is anyone shocked by this? I bet the number was even higher than that. Those are only the crimes reported to the police. Most crimes go unreported.


Because of the EU mandate that all children refugees must be allowed to enter the EU… Sweden now finds that 83% of those ‘children’ were actually adults when the entered Europe… Bet we aren’t surprised about that finding either. For Sweden these numbers equal 93 female asylum seekers and 3,322 males…