Germany and social media censorship


In Germany, social media companies were perhaps dreading the fireworks marking the start of the new year.

On Jan. 1, the country began enforcing strict rules that could see platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube being fined up to €5 million (about $6 million) if they don’t remove posts containing hate speech within 24 hours of receiving a complaint, BBC reported Monday.

The new hate speech rules, passed last June, require companies to maintain an “effective and transparent procedure for dealing with complaints” that users can access readily at anytime. Upon receiving a complaint, social media companies have to remove or block “obviously illegal content” within 24 hours, although they have up to a week when dealing with “complex cases.”

It’s interesting to see how social media giants deal with this. Will they implement a different “rule set” for German versions of their service, or these “hate speech” laws will be enforced site-wide? This was youTube’s response 2 years ago


Germany wastes no time in applying the new censorship law to silence political opponents of the ruling Merkel obedient party.


Let them keep importing refugees . :laughing::laughing:


German women sexually assaulted by Muslim immigrants. German MP points this out. Germany has her Twitter account shut down and threatens her with arrest. Welcome to 2018.


All social media posts must now be reviewed and approved by Angela Merkel herself before moving on to social media at which point the social media company will also have to review to make sure that all posts comply with diversity and tolerance directives. Orwell would be terrified.