Germany Bringing in Refugees on Secret Flights


It appears that Germany’s deep state, under the direction of Merkel, is secretly flying in Muslim refugees at night. They have no plans on stopping the influx.

Not a surprise.

When the people don’t want what the Left wants, the Left does it anyway.


Where are the conservative Germans? They should be out there protesting and trying to do something about this. The greatest economy in Europe right now, spending all their citizen’s money on Islamic immigrants, the hell with the real Germans. Cross all future travel plans to Germanistan off the list. Stop doing business with Germanistan businesses.

Merkel must be related to Soros!


It seems like an expensive option considering the thousands upon thousands that are roaming around Europe, but hey, its the government. Merkel has an addiction and the German people keep allowing her to feed her habit. I don’t know how many more Germany can actually take - it’s only about the size of New Mexico.


My God, why would any country want these people in so badly? They make it easy for them and just pay to have welfare parasites flown in.

The left wants to destroy western culture, and that’s how you do it, with non-Western people. The host country will collapse under the strain.

It’s war.


Made me think of this:


This is what illegitimate government looks like. Treason has a universal reward for a reason.


We complain wondering how Germany can allow a Communist like Angela Merkel take power and allow the nation to be overrun by Third World invaders without so much as a whimper.

Germany of today is what survived after its systematic destruction.

70 years of self hate, shame, and dehumanization.


It will be the death of them in the end !


My prediction: there will be no “race war” or “clash of civilizations”, instead European countries will have Muslims the same way America has blacks - some assimilated, most living in their own neighborhoods - and at most the “natives” will impotently bitch about it amongst themselves.