Germany Can't Control G20 Protesters


I know that at every G20 Summit there are idiotic violent protests. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. This time, Germany has totally failed at providing any sort of effective police response and they should be slammed because of it. The protesters are controlling the police, assaulting innocent people, and rioting everywhere.

Just look at this moron. He hates capitalism so much that he had to stop and take a trash burning selfie with his iPhone.

Here is the live feed from Reuters.


Is it me or are they only covering this G20 protest because of Trump? Don’t the mainstream media usually ignore these protests?


What I want to know is why they decided to host the G20 summit in a third world country this year. The organizers should have known better.


Don’t people find it ironic how all these Marxist G20 protestors are all basically protesting their elite overlords who made them and who funds them? The rich globalists better be careful because their little puppets they made to fight us will turn on them, and these people are dangerous and nuts.


Soro’s globalist NGOs paid for these Antifa black bloc shills to converge on the G20 to promote the anti-Trump narrative. all the signs are professional and printed in English. These are all trust fund kids and rejects.


Note to self: pick up Starbucks, buy “lumberjack” beard conditioner, and remember selfie stick for pre-planned meet with, De Blasio. “Cheese”


It may be true but this globalist protest of the G20 has been going on for many years… It does seem that in recent years, perhaps because of Obama, either the demonstrations weren’t as violent and large or the press, as you say, just didn’t cover them. The Toronto G20 and the WTO meeting in Seattle come to mind…

Personally I am glad to see it… the more these thugs and misfits get air time, the weaker their case is and the general public are going to fight back… Western societies are tired of the rabid SJW and the ‘bite the hand that feeds them’ anticapitalist.



I’m sure you read and heard all about this one:
The 2010 G20 Toronto summit protests began one week ahead of the 26−27 June 2010 G20 Toronto summit in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The protests were for various causes, including poverty and anti-capitalism.

Protests mainly consisted of peaceful demonstrations and rallies but also took form of a riot as a group of protesters using black bloc tactics caused vandalism to several businesses in Downtown Toronto. More than 20,000 police, military, and security personnel were involved in policing the protests, which at its largest numbered 10,000 protesters. While there were no deaths, 97 officers and 39 arrestees were injured, and at least 40 shops were vandalised, constituting at least C$750,000 worth of damage.

Something a little more current:
Manila, Philippines 2015
Workers clash with police during anti-globalisation protests as world leaders arrive for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit this week

G20 summit: Protesters descend on Brisbane

Hundreds of protesters for a variety of causes have taken to the streets of Brisbane, hoping to highlight their cause in front of world leaders.
Members of the Aboriginal community as well as environmental and political groups have staged events and rallies in the city.
Protests have also been held to oppose Russian involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.
Wendy Urquhart reports.
16 Nov 2014


I read that 130 German police officers have been injured by Antifa. Do they hire only petite women, the elderly, and the severely handicapped? Is that who they put in the front line? Did they have a stand down order? After the first cop got assaulted, why did they not all unite and smash Antifa down?


More violent than the antifa protest in Berkeley, California apparently. Lauren Southern apparently gave up in covering the event for fear of hear life. Europe is now that lawless.