"Get Used To It" - Sweden Is Experiencing A "Small Scale War"

Oh joy. Sweden is becoming yet another Islamic shithole. Because there just are not enough of those already.


Oh look! The most feminist nation in the world has caught fire and there is violence in the street. Shocked. :expressionless:

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Centuries ago, heads met pikes for far less criminal affronts to the populace. That said, I think the actual sheep of Sweden will probably rise up before the sheepish ‘men’ of that once proud land.

Islam wants to conquer everyone, the men they produce are COMPLETE SLOBS who feel superior and entitled to rape, kill and scrounge benefits from host countries, because God says they’re the chosen ones.

Swedish police instead of face the problem and jailing the cunts, hid the crimes and did nothing while feminists and other hard Left CUNTS attacked anyone white who spoke about the problems they were doing

The result is massive areas of ghetto where they justifiably think they rule and they’ve formed deep and extensive violent criminal gangs which can not now be got rid of because they have such a control thru violence and intimidation.

These dirty slobs do NOT belong in Sweden, they have RUINED it, they do NOT know how to behave like men, and they need to go. Sweden the IDIOTS tried to bribe them with even MORE education and benefits, and they got even worse. When you give people free stuff, they don’t respect you or appreciate it. They just want more, because you are rewarding their bad behaviour.

EVERY Islamic country has severe punishments and often end up with a tyrannical ruler or ‘council’ - they NEED this to keep them in line. Taking, stealing, raping and looting are in their blood.

They are FAILED people and need to be knocked around by authorities to behave like humans.

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But muh magic dirt theory.

Feminism always ends in lawless ethnic enclaves and grenade attacks

Attack the foreign gangs with Swedish Special Forces, and deport, deport, deport.

In 10 years all Swedes will be Muslims, or have taken to their long boats and escaped. Of course things will settle down when Sweden is taken for the Caliphate.

Sweden is getting what it deserves because of their PUSSYFIED political beliefs. If they would actually have the TESTICLES to make these SANDNGGERS obey their laws, they would be struck by lightning.
Unfortunately they aren’t the only country that allows these animals to obey only the laws they want to.