Glad I found Freebird


I have to tell you all how impressed I am with this site and the people I have encountered here. I am a writer and I began writing primarily political articles. Besides my own blog page I wrote for a site, and now for The 2016 election cycle taught me a lot about both sides. I finally had enough and I stopped writing about current politics and turned my focus on education and motivation.

To back up a bit, I wrote a novel in 2012, Spare Time. The premise of the book was that we have all been busy with our lives and have not taken the time to “keep” the republic as Franklin charged the lady who asked about the government they had formed. I guess if I feel any regret in my nearly 65 years it is that I did not do my part in my younger years. The book is fiction, but based on our nation in the early 21st century. I tried to make it “Edutainment”, educate and entertain. One reviewer, obviously a liberal progressive, indicated she felt “preached at”. I always say, throw a rock in a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one you hit. lol

Other than my daily history and quote posts, I try to make my articles based on founding principles as they relate to the problems of today. I can get far more readers doing the political stuff…but to what end? I hope to be part of a solution, not a part of the problem.

The comments I read here are very thoughtful and well stated. People disagree with respect and I don’t see the senseless verbal assaults that are all too common on Facebook. And I’m not talking about progressives, I’m talking about people who profess to be conservatives and constitutional - and Christian.

I seldom comment on posts over there because of that. Yesterday morning I responded to a friend’s post:

Apparently, I’m not the only one having an issue (or in some cases crisis) about my political ideology/philosophy. I’ve seen about 15 people post about questioning what to identify as.

These people 1-2 years ago would probably call themselves Conservative (yours truly included) without batting an eye. Now, I’m seeing people question this. I’ve seen people mention things from Libertarianism to Classical Liberalism to Republicanism and a whole lot of other things as well.

So, what say you/how about you? Are you rethinking or questioning what to call yourself and/or where you stand on certain issues?

My response:

The issue with giving yourself or anyone else a term is the fluid definitions. What is conservative to one is not to another. Liberal used to mean the same as the ideology of libertarian (not the party) as an example. Even to call oneself a constitutionalist is not as defining as we might think because so many don’t read or understand the document. I used to say I was a “conservatarian”, now I am more apt to say I am a Jeffersonian.

One guy, not a FB friend, came after me demanding what I meant by that, didn’t I know Jefferson was a Deist (he was not)) and when I said it was not about religions, I had responded to the question of political philosophy/ideology. I was eventually called an atheist and Marxist. I shared two of my last two articles for him and told him I had to get ready to go to church.

This is a symptom of what is wrong in our nation. FB is no friend to the republic, but I believe Freebird is. I have over 12,000 followers at FB, but I will take quality over quantity. Glad to be here.


In 2009 I left the Republican party. I had always thought of myself as a Reagan Republican. As you mentioned above descriptions and terms do morph. What used to be termed centrist has become quite far left in our decadent society.

Why 2009 you might ask of a 67 year old? Educational agencies have shifted towards permanent leftism. The media left for dead and unable to debate, only preach idiology. Our ruling class only interested in reelection, statesmen few and far between. In 2009 I was reborn as an advocate for the leaderless Tea Party. Not really a party as we define parties in this country, more an ideal much like the Declaration.

So, I began this reeducation reformation by reading dozens of books. Left, right, centrist, no matter, just absorbed them whole. I did this at my age for one sole reason, I am selfish, I have grandchildren. As Franklin said, i pray that we, and they, can keep it.


Amen, I used to be a very solid supporter of the Republican party and its various groups. I stopped in 2005. I do hold a local elected office as a Republican, but in that sense I am a Republican in name only lol.


I don’t know what I consider myself anymore. My parents are both liberals and literally hate the President. I try not to let it bother me but it does. It’s actually really wearing on our relationship. I try to never bring up politics but they can’t help themselves. When that Wolff book came out they said they sent me a copy of it and were relentless over group text. I told them they were officially in a cult and needed professional treatment. That was a few days ago.

Facebook is even worse. People who I had once considered friends started attacking me because I made my page pro-Trump during the primaries. I never posted stuff on anyone else’s wall just my own. People had no problems littering my wall with really nasty stuff. I stood up for myself and my candidate. I don’t remember how long it took FB to ban me but it wasn’t long. I guess I was working for the Russians.

I do love this place. I sometimes feel guilty for not sharing the site with people but I don’t want them coming here and ruining it.


I view Trump as a mixed bag, but then I view everyone as a mixed bag, even myself lol. I know a few others who have family issues such as yours…that’s tough. I feel we should be able to praise anyone who does the right thing and critical of them when they do not. To consider someone all bad or all good does no one any justice.


I think I’ve just been on autopilot. If it comes up in a conversation I call myself a Republican. People don’t ask too many questions after that. Truth is, I stopped donating to the GOP after Obamacare passed.

Amen to that. When my wife and daughter are blasting MSNBC and blabbing about #TheResistance I plug in my headphones, sit in the recliner, and come here. I never liked Facebook. It was too confusing for me to use. This is easy. I just have to click and type.


I am just starting on Freebird. Had problems with signing in hopefully that is done. Hope to add to dicussions. Thanks.


Thanks for all of the kind words! If you have any issues send me a direct message (just click my avatar) or email me at: admin @


We’re glad you found us too. You can actually say what you want here unlike FB or Twitter where you have to watch what you say at all times.


Were glad you found us as well. We could do with a bit more historical context to our discussions. The discussions don’t always go as smoothly as you might think. Getting some people to actually engage is a frustrating process, particularly when they stick their oar in regularly to call others out for this or that but aren’t very forthcoming themselves. As you may have noted on FB getting progressives to have open discussions, particularly about constitutional principle and what constitutes American values is… challenging. That is no different here. Welcome aboard.


I most certainly understand the sentiment. I dislike that this place, from time to time, sounds like an echo chamber. We don’t learn in an environment like that but I have to tell you, I am very dismayed with those of the progressive bent who come here. Two types, those who will not engage a subject in any depth but are happy to repeat the latest liberal taunt and some who have really well thought out opinions and are more than willing to share them but will not address legitimate arguments to their position. At least with the later, you get to understand some of the progressive thought process even if they are closed minded to the possibility of being wrong…

Lots of luck with family, that is a tough one. The divisions created by any reasonable reading of the constitution and the progressive left is, in my opinion irreconcilable… but as many advocate here, compromise and kumbaya will be the ultimate conclusion which, after all, has been the modus for the last 100 years… a slow but accelerating slide to socialism and a one world governance that will show the 99% just how much they have given up for homogeneity and a guaranteed life of subsistence. King George would be proud.


I think that’s because the people who are getting kicked off of the major social networks are mainly conservative. I can start telling my liberal friends about Freebird but if you haven’t used a site like Facebook in a while you might not get what that means or like what comes along with that.


Oh, I have no illusions about the temperament of most progressives. That is most certainly a dilemma. It’s not hard to see just how rude and disengaged they can be. Arguing logic vs sentiment is impossible… and sentiment really doesn’t care much about the rule of law. Some of the people who come here are quite intelligent and have well formulated opinion… they just refuse to argue those opinions and refuse to be ‘boxed in’ by hard questions. Interestingly enough I use to be the one who argued constitutional positions along side liberals… sodomy laws… abortion from a constitutional and original intent position… increasingly they have moved into areas where they have no constitutional footing and all of a sudden, it is old, tired and irrelevant. Believe me, I don’t want this forum to get ruined, I just want people who are willing and capable of a good discussion.


Are your constituents aware of this??


Well what a pity if the TIC preempted your parents.


But Obama was all bad, shrug.


What, alternative opinions? Freebird is an echo chamber.


Is that because people with opposing opinion find themselves incapable of arguing a point by either posting insulting names… you know the standard… hater, racist, bigot… or perhaps the hit and run poster who posts a really well thought out comment but ignores the post that question that position… or the others that fancy themselves above the rest and just refuse to engage the hard question? … humm?


But here you are posting a difference of opinion.


Does he REALLLY post opinions??? REALLY?