Glad I found Freebird


Yes, and you’ve witnessed the plethora of names I’ve been called. Its like running the picket line.


Who are you kidding. You give as good as you get. Don’t be a martyr about it.


Care to list those actual names… I think the worst you have been called is by me and that was … gasp… ‘Libtard’… and that’s only because you respond like one… I would stay that your lack of actual engagement is the frustration that people have with you… own it.


I am glad to be here and don’t believe that Freebird is an echo chamber as some do. I don’t agree with all of the posts here. I try to provide my disagreements in a non-confrontational way. But we all do perceive things differently. It’s my perception that conservatives don’t have many places to go anymore. Just even saying publicly that you love the country, the Constitution, or that you support the President can be damaging. There is nothing wrong with people who are conservative sharing their ideas. There are probably many ideas that we all agree on but we probably disagree on how those ideas are implemented. That’s good discussion and we should have more of it.


You cannot quote me personal name calling or attacking fellow posters.


I certainly didn’t mean to imply it in the literal sense and you are correct, even people who would rate themselves as somewhere right of center have a fair range of dispute in their beliefs and just as with progressives, many will not defend their position. My thoughts were with respect to the much larger array of opinion that exist in the country… in that respect a lot of people aren’t inclined to engage.


Damn - some people just want everything their way. Great post @mmvoiceofreason glad you are here. I’ve enjoyed all of your contributions so far.


Yet another worthless comment from the leftist shill

Not to mention it’s none of your business


My actions speak for themselves and have been re-elected twice…the last time by write in because I did not file to run the last time. I guess they have been okay with it.


Fair enough. Just seems odd to me as I’ve never seen a Republican confess to being a RINO, shrug. Oh, and welcome to the echo chamber.


More name calling and personal attacks. :roll_eyes:


Welcome @mmvoiceofreason! What a warm welcome from @Montecresto1 the resident agitator extraordinaire who hates coming here some much that he’s here everyday.


When did I say I hate coming here, quote please. Somebody has to add an opposing voice to the self ejaculating echo chamber here. Sorry that you consider alternative views as agitating. :joy::joy::joy:


You do crack me up. As much as I don’t agree with you.


You add no opposing anything… you haven’t articulated much of anything sense you have started coming here. Have you notices the number of people who you still have left to engage with (in as much as you actually engage) have less than polite words for you. you know what they say… if it looks like a… and talks like a… chances are it is more than likely a…


I just find it ironic the RINO used to mean you wore a conservative label to hide your true ideals. I do not see Republicans in general as a conservative constitutional group, yet I wear the label simply for the many who are not engaged and still believe Republicans stand for conservative and constitutional values. I’m sure most the state and national offices are way to the left of JFK


Well, at least I serve some function for you.


And they are well deserved by a name calling leftist.


Often some will identify with the GOP as the lesser of 2 evils.


TIC is an insult to the presidency of the US.

Get it??

It’s called name calling.