Glad I found Freebird


You describe the TIC to a T.


A minute ago you said he was willing to sign anything… make up your mind.


You and me both. I’m so tired of being in FkBook jail for speaking the truth.


Still have some problems signing in - praying this is now solved.


The only problems I have are I’m asked to login frequently and there must be an Leftist Anarchist Group of Dems sending me virus notifications.
Otherwise I’m happy to have found Freebird and enjoy the conversations even with Monte(only a joke no offense)


I’ll send you a direct message. Our server is clean and constantly updated. Glad to help you sort this out.


Thank YOU,This has become Annoying!!! I don’t intend to go to another forum.


Just sent you a DM. No error logs on my end. Will help you square it away.