God is telling us something? Mexico hit with massive earthquake and tsunami



He has been telling us something for 4 billion years !


I guess Mexico is going to need those 7 trucks back that they sent to Houston for Hurricane Harvey. Good thing we don’t need to send them anything as we already give them billions of dollars in foreign aid each year - and we feed, clothe, and house a significant portion of their population.


Perhaps we will get a new wave of refugees from Mexico.
t least 15 people died in a historically massive earthquake that struck the southern coast of Mexico early Friday, toppling hotels and houses and prompting tsunami waves and power outages.

The United States Geological Survey said that a magnitude 8.1 quake hit about 73 miles off Tres Picos, Mexico, along Mexico’s southern coast.

Its epicenter was 102 miles west of Tapachula in southern Chiapas state and had a depth of about 21 miles. The quake was so powerful, it sent people fleeing from buildings 650 miles away in Mexico City.

President Enrique Pena Nieto said the earthquake is the biggest the country has seen in a century. He said that 62 aftershocks followed the quake and it’s possible one as strong as 7.2 could hit in the next 24 hours.

Chiapas’ Gov. Manuel Velasco told Milenio TV that at least three people have been killed in the region and 10 died in Oazaca, close to the quake’s epicenter. He said the quake damaged hospitals and schools. Two children also died in Tabasco state.

One of them was killed when a wall collapsed, and the other was a baby who died in a children’s hospital that lost electricity, cutting off the infant’s ventilator.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center early Friday confirmed tsunami waves in Mexico, with the largest wave so far measuring 2.3 feet.

Smaller tsunami waves were observed on the coast or measured by ocean gauges in several other places. The center’s forecast said Ecuador, El Salvador and Guatemala could see waves of a meter or less.

Civil protection officials in Mexico were checking for damage in Chiapas, but the quake was so powerful that frightened residents in Mexico City fled apartment buildings, often in their pajamas, and gathered in groups in the street.

Around midnight buildings swayed strongly for more than minute, loosening light fixtures from ceilings. Helicopters crisscrossed the sky above Mexico City with spotlights.

Zhaira Franco, 35, who was in Mexico City, told The New York Times that she heard an alarm for about 30 seconds before feeling the quake. She said her building swayed so much that it hit the building next door.

“The house moved like chewing gum and the light and internet went out momentarily,” said Rodrigo Soberanes, who lives near San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, a poor largely indigenous state popular with tourists.

Civil Defense in Chiapas said on its Twitter account that its personnel were in the streets aiding people and warned residents to prepare for aftershocks. But it made no immediate comment about damage

The USGS reported a magnitude 5.7 aftershock about 12 minutes later. There have been up to 13 aftershocks.

In neighboring Guatemala, President Jimmy Morales spoke on national television to call for calm while emergency crews checked for damage. Local radio in the Central American country reported one death, but it could not be confirmed.

“We have reports of some damage and the death of one person, even though we still don’t have exact details,” Morales said. He said the possible death occurred in San Marcos state near the border with Mexico.

Lucy Jones, a seismologist in California who works with the U.S. Geological Survey, said such a quake was to be expected.

“Off the west coast of Mexico is what’s called the subduction zone, the Pacific Plate is moving under the Mexican peninsula,” she said. “It’s a very flat fault, so it’s a place that has big earthquakes relatively often because of that.”

“There’s likely to be a small tsunami going to the southwest. It’s not going to be coming up and affecting California or Hawaii,” she said. "For tsunami generation, an 8 is relatively small."


How many “dreamers” are leaving for Mexico today to help their own country after the earthquake?


See, most dreamers were brought here as young children, hello!!! This is their country.


The same number of illegals.


That is not completely accurate. After Obama opened the flood gates with this unconstitutional action, many young children flooded the border. Remember, DHS was picking up so many of them that they didn’t know how to handle the influx? That happened after DACA. Those that were already here arrived as a result of the Illegal actions of their parents. By giving them amnesty, what message are we sending to families from all over the world who followed the legal process and waited years to come here.


Lol, you equate DACA with amnesty??? Obviously you don’t know what the DACA EO actually does.
Btw. Do you know about Manifest Destiny, or the Mexican American war?? Or, just tell me how it is that the US “Owns” the sea to shinning sea having started with a wooden sailing ship full of religious puritans in the north east?


You may know nothing of president Polk, his platform or his one term presidency, let alone the war he incited with the young country of Mexico, not the sexiest of subjects. What makes you think that America is even a sovereign country??? If by might we can take these lands from it’s natives, then who are we to preach at Iraq, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, China, or any other country about democracy??? Hold on to what you have as long as you can, because it is not here to stay!!!


It ‘Defers’ (As the name implys) the ultimate action on their illegal status… it puts them in a holding pattern for one of two outcomes… Amnesty … i.e. a pathway to citizenship … or deportation … i.e. a pathway to a border crossing…


That’s true. But I was responding to an individual that declared that DACA gave amnesty to dreamers. As though they were now in the same status as the 4 million IA’s that Reagan gave amnesty to lol.


My reading of the Democrats that support it… it is amnesty and you damned well better not take it away, not only from those poor 15 to 36 year olds but from their parents, grandparents, half brothers and 2nd cousins twice removed…


The executive memo that established DACA was clearly circumventing established law.

One has to wonder do the democrats actually support the constitution and separation of powers or is it a case like Obama’s administration, we will enforce the laws w like.

In this case Trump was correct in ending DACA however totally wrong giving DACA kiddies a pass for 6 months which also circumvents existing laws.


It’s a two year renewable program. You violate our laws, you won’t get your next renewal. again no problem killing hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East, and show no compassion to children brought to America that have now grown up here, are serving in our various branches of military, and working and contributing to the tax base etc. these people are here, and they are here because both parties have pandered to Big Business which wants globalization and open borders. Big Business is benefitting by the free flow of IA’s across our border. You want to be seen as relevant and part of the solution, dispense with the partisan bs and start promoting a program that removes the incentive that draws people here. The business man DJT, won’t be of help here of course, but when American businesses are swiftly and strictly punished for violating our law, we’ll start seeing a decrease in illegal crossings.


Of course law has nothing to do with it.

It’s all about feel good.

Either this is a nation of laws or it isn’t.


It is an unconstitutional Executive order that parses itself with a renewable clause but its first word says what it really is… Deferred until the left can pour enough heat into the subject to get the 1986 immigration reform act II. My pleasure and disappointment is that Trump put this back to congress where it belongs… my fear is that it will be worse than the 1986 immigration reform act…

The problem here is precisely the problem with the 1986 legislation… E-Verify is still being touted as voluntary…and without a wall, the next Obama will open the flood gates again…


DACA should be sued, see if it has the mettle to stand the test of the court. We are indeed a nation of laws. When a republican president stands before us wringing his hands that one dictator or another is harming his own citizens, insisting that we must go in and do something, his party and conservative supporters are all on board, never mind that we are a nation of laws and our congress must declare war. The partisan is best defined as a hypocrite.


I see no reason that DACA would have any standing other than a moral or emotive one if DAPA had no grounds… They are in effect the same EO…


It should be tested in court then, not erased by another EO.