God is telling us something? Mexico hit with massive earthquake and tsunami


This “big beautiful impenetrable wall” from the corner of California to the tip of Texas will not be built, take that to the bank. Globalization is inevitable, non discriminating civil rights is the future. Trump nor a single one of his supportive pundits have ever said what “make America great again” actually means, but we have an increasing idea of what it means.


So bitter… so much rancor… tis tis…


The point is, they never should have been an executive order in the first place. A what point do we say that something is the responsibility of congress and not the executive, after all the executives function is to administer laws, not make them. I know that you like the idea of a one world king as long as he is your progressive version of a king but elections don’t always turn out the way you hope they will. Thats why the president… any president should be pulled up for creating law…


What do you think “make America great again means”? The implication of the statement is that America isn’t great now, but once upon a time was. When was that Mr. Scott???


More partisanship that accomplishes nothing. If you want congress to do their job instead of presidents doing it for them via EO’s, then oppose ALL EO’s and not just the ones signed by democratic presidents. 200 days into his first term Obama had signed 22, 200 days into Trumps presidency he’s signed 42. Stop being hypocritical!


EO were intended and until the age of both judicial and executive activism were a necessary part of the Chief Executives ability to manage the agencies under the executive branch… of course power seeks power and when you have spineless congresses that won’t stand up to a president… these kinds of things get written…

P.S. most of Trumps orders were to roll back Obamas more egregious ones. Of the ones that were more controversial, the activists judicial system has stepped well outside its remit in attempting to shunt the presidents rightful duties. Some may be legally gray but I have a feeling that yet again the 9th circuit is going to be told that they don’t know what they are talking about…


Well… as I said elsewhere, the very definition of America, and indeed legitimacy has been called into question by people such as yourself. The principles put forth in the founding documents are as good today as they were then. The fact that it requires judicial activism, precedence and severely skewed interpretations of the Constitution for liberals to enact their progressive version of government that is far from the republican form of federalism is enough to tell me that we are headed in the wrong direction… ‘Rule of Law’… what law.


Your second point is subjective and you remain a partisan. Obama/liberals all bad, Trump/conservatives all good. It would be far more productive and enjoyable to debate with a nonpartisan person that acknowledges that both parties have brought us to where we are as opposed to the died in the wool view that you hold. George Washington issued exactly eight EO’s over his two terms. it’s nothing unusual to see presidents now averaging that many in a month (FDR issued 3,500) either EO’s are the way to govern or they aren’t. If you like the idea of presidents bypassing congress and issuing EO’s then keep quite, if you only like republicans to issue EO’s then again you’re a hypocritical partisan.


Well yes my point about the founding documents is indeed questioned by some hence the divisions we seem to have in political discourse.

As far as executive orders, I have no problem with the president administering his/her agencies… that is what they are suppose to do after all… using an EO to deliberately circumvent law passed by congress is not nor never was a legitimate use of them…

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