Going postal over Hillary


When it comes to the lawless Clinton’s even federal employees are more than willing to break the LAW ! So is this the collusion the dems were after ? :laughing: :laughing:
The OSC determined the USPS “engaged in systemic violations” of the Hatch Act, a federal law that limits certain political activities of federal employees


Every article like this makes me so happy Hillary lost.

Just one more reason government jobs ought not be allowed to unionize.


More actual criminal election activity from Hillary the media doesn’t care about.


And yet these dopes think Hillary was actually going to work for them if elected .


Hillary is in fact ABOVE THE LAW !


How can you blame this on Hillary? If the postal workers did something illegal while trying to express their support for a preferred candidate then the candidate herself is not responsible for the actions of others.


There are reasons we have these LAWS . Try to guess why they are in place . Do I need to feed you the answer like CNN did for Hillary ??? :laughing:


Yes, we do have laws. But I am not seeing how Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for these individuals making the decision to possibly break the law. Care to share your legal expertise on this matter and explain how Hillary Clinton is liable?


Federal employees KNOW how vindictive and mean spirited that witch can be and ALL your liberal media boobs had her UP by 10 plus points in the election polls , and they ALL know what happens when she finds out you didn’t back her . Didn’t Obama and CREW tap 5 million AMERICAN phones ? Didn’t the NSA gather emails illegally ? Didn’t 95% of ALL the INTEL community contribute to the DEMOCRATS ? Hillary attends most union conventions and PUSHES for endorsements and loyalty , so don’t think for once SHE didn’t know or encourage this BS . Now go on to your Russia , Russia , Russia , collusion , collusion , collusion .
ps , you think Bernie learned a few things about the WITCH ??? :laughing:


You are of course correct. Unless Hillary or her campaign were directly involved in the misuse of postal resources then the responsibility lies and the feet of who ever directed or encouraged it… like the IRS pinging conservative groups… and a DOJ having private meetings on the tarmac with a the husband of someone under investigation or the growing list of people who leak information to harm the current president or even all of those involved in using the nations intelligence services as a political weapon… So, rather than laying ALL of that at the feet of Clinton, perhaps the more appropriate feet might be that of one Barrack Hessian Obama… I mean, the media has eviscerated Trump for months on speculation, innuendo and connect the dots kind of logic… why not all of these activities with a shrewd political operator like or previous president.


Hillary is the head of that snake .


I’m thinking much more akin to the Lernaean Hydra… Soros certainly gets top honors as part of the steering committee…




It’s like the old saying, “the buck stops here” but I wonder if Obama even knew that this stuff was going on. It seems pretty low bar for presidential attention. The union leaders are probably the ones who should directly be held accountable. I’m not sure if the supervisors can even be held responsible since they were likely against the union abusing their status to begin with.


Just add this to the long list of infractions that won’t be punished!


I wouldn’t say that he sat down with postal officials and planned anything… but that doesn’t mean that he and the head of postal services weren’t… kindred spirits. Like the thing with the IRS… Did he have a sit down with Lerner… probably not… was he… is he the instigator of mischief?.. I think so. Not unlike the sleeper cell concept of terrorists, no body knows anybody else, they are just mysteriously activated.


Anyone that thinks politics doesn’t play a huge part in State and federal jobs is naïve it’s even more pronounce with those having unions . Union leaders push PAC contributions and the democratic party and will comment to others if you are NOT a registered dem .


We have seen it daily in the media selective reporting and a hands off approach with the dems and Hillary .


But they knew what was expected of them , you don’t tap 5,000,000 American phones and multiple World leader’s phones without a wink and nod from the main man . :smile: