Good Lecture To The Press.. Good Lecture To Society Come To Think Of It.. It Ain't The Gun Than Changed



This is the shooter. Looks like one of those confused leftist transvestites I’ve been hearing so much about.


The slack-jawed look on the news anchor’s faces after Ozzie snapped back at a reporters lame ass question, was great. They went defensive and acted as if Knezovich had accused them of farting at the dinner table.


We need guns to protect ourselves from vibrant diversity.


Why are Christians so enamered with guns? :roll_eyes:


Cause its easier and faster to dispense with an atheist carrying one of these


Or a tolerant civil rights activist that of late looks like this…

So why do bad people with morals that shift or have none at all pretend to be good?

Why in times of crisis are some people like this:


And some like this

Cause some people know that 911 will be to late…


Some people protect their own and help their neighbors against those in our fair society that think the world is communal and everything is theirs for the taking…


I think that happens because as a society we have become so accustomed to treating criminals as victims or glorifying criminal behavior in pop culture, that being a regular, decent, hard-working American is no longer a desirable or attractive quality.


Not become, always been. Think of the pop culture of the old black and white movies that glorified every gangster and outlaw in American history.


But in those old movies, the bad guy always got his comeuppance, today they’re the hero. Look at Harvard, once the most prestigious U. in America, it made a caricature of itself offering a traitor a fellowship.


Harvard still is…


Actually some have changed and that is the very reason most need guns .


Funny how so many people around the world don’t have guns and fair just fine. It’s amazing how so many Americans walk around shaking like a leaf on a tree.


Sad how liberals want to exert their CONTROL on every aspect of our lives and want to eliminate most of our Constitution .


I’m not interested in eliminating our constitution.


Attacks on the Second Amendment and NOT allowing others to speak because it offends your delicate and so fragile ears so you attack the First as well !


Oh no not at all. You have a constitutional right to show your ass anytime you wish, and I’ll point it out whenever you do so. When you’ve failed in debate and resorted to doing so.


I see you enjoy showing your ass way too much ! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Good debate skill right there.