Google joins Dish Network in talks to create 4th mobile carrier

Google is in talks to help create a fourth US wireless carrier, even as Sprint and T-Mobile struggle to get their controversial merger cleared with federal and state authorities, The Post has learned.

Alan Mulally — a former chief executive at Ford Motor and a current Alphabet director — has recently been in discussions with satellite-TV giant Dish Network about a plan to create a fourth US telecom player, sources said.

The idea is for Alphabet-owned Google and Dish to launch a new wireless giant with the help of assets acquired from T-Mobile, which is now under pressure from the Department of Justice to aid such a project in order to get clearance for its $26 billion merger with Sprint, according to sources close to the situation.

“There’s no question they are talking,” a source said of Mulally and the Dish execs.

Sources added the talks are in flux and could still fall apart, and that it’s not clear whether T-Mobile and Dish would immediately announce an agreement with Google if a deal is reached.

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Not only are governments not breaking up Google’s information monopoly but they are even allowing them to grow even larger. They have become too political and this is extremely dangerous.

Google is doing what any company would do. They are attempting to open up as many profitable business lines as possible. Inherently, there is nothing wrong with this. It only becomes wrong when a politically motivated machine like Google is the one doing it.

A phone by Google? What could possibly go wrong?

By using this phone you consent for all phone calls to be monitored to bring you ads and maybe some surveillance…l"

Google has way too much power.