Got my 357 tagged this morning!


Well I did it… Glad I got that new articulating vice. Thoughts?


That’s a thing of beauty. God Bless America!


Well done. How long does a project like this usually take you to complete?


I have to find the proper design or create it, check machine calibration, vice setup (perhaps indicate it in) pray and then run it. This took a few hours but say you had 5 guns that were the same. It would take about a few hours plus 20-30 min.

EDIT: I also dry run, then run with the laser enabled on some wood to check orientation. A mistake on something like this can cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. And with a ruined reputation it can put one out of business.


Like the saying goes…

Measure twice, cut once.

Metal is not as forgiving as wood. I bet you measure more than once.


I always check dimensions before setting up a program, check as I am doing the setup and then I check the setup before hitting start after the dry run in case the vice moved. Now that is for guns and the like for other thinf where I have a fixture? Throw it in and hit go!


I wouldn’t mind watching Dana Loesch strutting around with one of these on her new NRA commercials :heart_eyes:


Have you ever engraved on an AR lower?


I do laser work for the owner and he catches anything I need run on the mill. I do wood, leather, stainless, powder coated, aluminium, plastics and glass on the laser. I do not do parkarized and blued items.

Yes I made the video.

EDIT: I also got the skull perfected where we could run it.


How’d you get into machining? Seems like an expensive hobby to get into it without some experience.


Lots of CNC time. It would be easier to post my resume than tell you but in essence I am a graduated laborer.



I’ve always liked stuff like this. I don’t know if machines do this or if it gets done by hand but I’ve always thought it was a real sign of craftsmanship.


The text was done on a mill or engraving machine and the rest was cast or done on an engraving machine or by hand though I doubt it is a hand job.


This one is done but I did the other side first. It will be stripped.


That should melt some snowflakes!