Governor Ricketts of Nebraska invites NRA Convention to Nebraska


The NRA National Convention is planned to be held in Dallas Texas, but the organizers in Dallas are having second thoughts and state that there will be a lot of organized demonstrations and marches against the NRA in Dallas. The NRA has not made a decision yet as I understand it to move their Convention, but we have Governor Ricketts from Nebraska coming forward and offering to have the NRA Convention in Nebraska. We know that Nebraska is bright red in its voting, but I think some of the Kansas and Oklahoma radicalism is rubbing off on Nebraska so that they feel the need to compete. I believe that a number of demonstrations and marches need to be planned in Nebraska as well, led by the students and other groups. These people need to learn a lesson or two as well. What are your thoughts on this?




Nebraska used to have a pretty strong peace party contingent. I don’t know how they feel about guns. Most of Nebraska is rural or has rural ties.


I traveled to Nebraska last summer because of the eclipse.

I propose to never spend another dollar in Nebraska until Trumpism there is dead (I do not expect to ever have to spend that first “Nebraska dollar”).


Bet that was cool…


I would imagine it’s pretty high on their list.


The interesting thing is that Dallas, like Houston and San Antonio and other flyover cities across the nation use to be ‘red’. The ideas and ideals of those historical occupants haven’t really changed much but the demographics has and what we see is people pouring out of states like New York and California who have managed to screw up their business communities, their quality of life so much that they move to a place that provides better opportunity and even less crime. From the moment they arrive, their mission is to recreate the opinions and government of the place they previously screwed up… It is beyond comprehension…


Ya know the old sayin… ‘Don’t let the door slap you on the ass on the way out’… Bye ya’ll…


I’m sure they will be crushed if you don’t go back.

I make up for it as I travel through Nebraska 3-4 times a year.

Fortunately Nebraska isn’t burdened with cesspool cities as the east coast and west coast are.


Demonstrating exactly what???

Marching where? They have a great river there that they can march into.


The reason I created this thread is that I live in NE Colorado and border Nebraska. I have watched Nebraska move more and more to the right as I see it and they hated President Obama with a passion, but as @Carey states, they think Trump is just great A) because he is white, and B) he is not black and C) Such a Christian and Family man and role model I guess? We have talked a lot about how Trump was ever elected but in talking to some of these people, they have drank all of the Kool-Aid and about all of the media they get out here is Fox and Rush. I have no clue just what it will take to change some of the minds of these people, but I do believe a good start could come from these HS students and I hope they put some of their efforts in states like NE and Kansas and Okla. Also, healthcare in NE is a total disaster and even the rural people are complaining about the costs and lack of choices. They did not take expanded Medicare and Medicaid and many doctors do not want to even work in NE. I believe some reality is coming their way. They of course do not want to pay any more in taxes, voted to repeal the ACA because Obama was involved and now want to bring money into their state by hosting the NRA! I say go for it, but realize they you may reap the downside of doing so.


On a more positive note, First National Bank of Omaha will not renew its agreement to supply the NRA branded credit card.


I am also in Colorado, Colorado Springs. Soon to move to Wyoming.

Nebraska is a rural state in flyover country. Much of the state is ignored by the cities like Colorado and the rest of the country. That is what produced Trump. Trump is a product of the divisive politics produced by Bush and escalated by Obama coupled with a horrible choice by the democrats with Hillary. The left has chosen to move their party from a centrist point to a progressive place where no compromise is possible.

As a side note they are one of the few states that split their electoral vote a product of the left in Nebraska.

Nebraska was smart not too take the medicaid option. Colorado will soon suffer the results of the stupid decision as 40% of state taxes are wasted on medicaid which will escalate to 45% of taxes. And people wonder why CDOT cannot build a road unless it’s a toll road. It’s why taxes in Colorado seems to escalate every year with little progress in the states infrastructure. Like that 40 bucks for each license plate yet bridges still are not being repaired. Denver loves their 8.5% sales tax and moves towards another cesspool city.

As a side note Colorado Springs passed a 1% sales tax increase to repair their roads. guess what, they are repairing the roads and account for all revenue collected for road repair. Something the state cannot seem to manage.


I would like a source for that statement. It is racist and bigoted and actually has little to nothing to do with why people voted for Trump. It is however the only thing liberals seem to have to talk about. The interesting thing here is that the front range of Colorado has really always been ‘red’… until an influx of liberals from the left coast moved in…

This is an interesting comment. I mean I just finished reading an article today, and have read similar articles since Trumps election, that the media consistently portrays trump in a negative light. Recent studies show that of 90% of media coverage about trump, is policies and everything connected with Trump is negative. One just has to ask themselves why one half of the nation huddles around their TV’s to hear the alternative view of the world…

As far as healthcare goes, no one has yet to address the real underlying sickness with Americas healthcare system and progressives will, if they get a chance, lay the answers at the feet of their benevolent government while taxing the most productive in society…


Despite Liberal propaganda, the NRA has been at the forefront for weapons safety. While an NRA member, there some things I disagree with them .
Cities have the right to refuse to host conventions from ANY organization . But it penalizes local businesses that would profit from it.
The SOUR GRAPES by Leftist Liberal Democrats about President Trump is because they can’t handle the Reality that they had the Worst possible candidate.President Trump could cure cancer and heart disease on the same day and the Dems would be against him.
By the end of his second term he will be the Best President since Reagan.


Yeah, Obama was a real thorn in the side. A neighbor of mine in Oklahoma who was 61 in 2008 told me he had never voted before in his life but was registering to vote in the 2008 election because “I’ll be god damned if I’m going to have a nigger for a president”. Another neighbor was a bit more civil about it, but when I was being critical of McCain he said, “what am I suppose to do, vote for the black man”?

Oklahoma is full of mouth breathing knuckle dragging racists.


The healthcare debacle now has 1 in 7 people in Colorado on Medicaid.

How is this fixing healthcare?

Have regulations been addressed lowering the burden on healthcare?
Has tort reform been addressed which forces doctors into expensive insurance against people suing them?
Has government mandated services been addressed adding costs to the premium?
Doctors now practice defensive medicine performing tests to verify results 5 times over.
Has the issue of Americans overweight and obesity now at 69% been addressed which add astronomical costs to healthcare.
Has the issue of prolonging life for an additional month or year at any and all costs been addressed?

The healthcare system isn’t sick or a mess, government is a mess and Americans accept zero responsibility for their health blaming it on the healthcare system.


Nebraskans are getting an idea of what a moron the TIC is now.

President Donald Trump’s anti-free trade rhetoric Friday underscored for some Nebraska business leaders the urgency of telling the president that his policies will slow economic growth and cost a significant number of jobs.


See the article starts of with the same false premise that most do… his ‘anti-free trade’. When a tariff is imposed to equalize or counteract the trade restrictions of another country, it was never free trade in the first place. Now I know that you, like a lot of ‘Americans’ do not like this country very much and you are quite happy to see our wealth, our technology and our very ability to be self reliant shipped to another country, but Trump already put Canada and more specifically Mexico on notice over Nafta and the too will be fixed. Governments job is to protect its country… not obsess over GDP… Britain learned that the hard way…