Governor Ricketts of Nebraska invites NRA Convention to Nebraska


Ha, a lot of those businesses are cutting ties with the gun lobby. :wink:


Indeed, which brought us the fat ass TIC. Now we have to deal with that. The White House turn over is brutal. Nobody wants to work for this asshole. Cohn says Trumps trade war will be a disaster that people can’t imagine. This guy will never maga.


With Communist China having close to 50 % of the steel market with its subsidized steel factories, dumping their cheap steel costing jobs should have a tariff. Let them actually compete fairly.


Except we get most of our steel and aluminum from our ally and neighbor Canada, and they’re not happy. Cohn quit in protest, so abruptly that there was a seat with his name on it at the conference with the Swedish PM, but he was absent. Nobody likes working for that prick Freedom.


How much steel does Communist China dump in countries through 3rd parties???


Just have to throw that “communist” in there each time huh, lol. That doesn’t speak to the point that I made to you.


When they move to a.representative government and stop all internet restrictions then I may drop the Communist part. I have a better chance of seeing Korean Reunification and U.N. recognition of Taiwan on the same day before that happens. Is there anything WRONG with being ANTI-COMMUNIST???


No, of course not. Nothing wrong with being anti socialist, anti capitalist or anti Trump either.


It’s always startled me at just how much people are unaware of what really goes on in America.

Internet censorship in the United States is the suppression of information published or viewed on the Internet in the United States. The U.S. possesses protection of freedom of speech and expression against federal, state, and local government censorship; a right protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. These protections extend to the Internet, however, the U.S. government has censored sites in the past and they are increasing in number to this day.

in 2014, the United States was added to Reporters Without Borders (RWB)'s list of “Enemies of the Internet”, a group of countries with the highest level of Internet censorship and surveillance. RWB stated that the U.S. “… has undermined confidence in the Internet and its own standards of security” and that “U.S. surveillance practices and decryption activities are a direct threat to investigative journalists, especially those who work with sensitive sources for whom confidentiality is paramount and who are already under pressure.”[1]

And do you REALLY think that we are a representative government. Nearly every single politician lies to you when they are running and then represents big business when they get into office. Scarcely little of my interests are represented in Washington.


That is true but one looking objectively would see that the standard of living around the world would not have been possible without the trade and business the occurred under the capitalist model so one who objects to capitalism has a tough time making their case. Socialism on the other hand also has a history and it has done nothing be see millions killed, repressed and been a roadblock to a rising standard of living under it… also well documented. And as for Trump… at this point and perhaps for his entire time in public office the anti-trump sentiment just might be delusional speculation…


So many black and hispanic racists all over the place. How do they keep getting away with it?


I would hate to work anywhere around you with your foul mouth.

Your a true and blue leftist.

And you claim the right is uneducated.


Why should our neighbor and ally be punished?


Why should our production base and national security be punished and national security to support our ally? Are we buying our friends…


Unless it’s moved entirely out of the country, American businesses will profit from it no mater where its at.


These cities make these decisions based on what is Economically in their best interests to host conventions and Usually it doesn’t matter what organization it is unless the Leftist Press spouts its Propaganda.


Actually, there’s plenty of Americans that are fed up with the gun lobby.


Actually a lot of Americans are fed up with the progressive welfare state too… What you actually mean is that ‘plenty’ of Americans are fed up with people who support the NRA… you know… the deplorables.


TALLAHASSEE — The National Rifle Association, equipped with a vaunted political email list and support from passionate single-issue voters, is gearing up to take on Florida Gov. Rick Scott and GOP leaders as they tee up a rarity in Florida lawmaking: gun control legislation.


As I said before,as an NRA member ,I don’t agree with them on all their issues . I agree that any Lawabiding person should be able to own Whatever Legal weapons they choose . Enforce the laws we have and look to improve them where possible. Don’t infringe upon or punish the lawabiding gun owners because of the few lawbreakers or because of errors made.