Governor Ricketts of Nebraska invites NRA Convention to Nebraska


I agree with that…


It is a real joke to read anything an ignorant liberal posts about the NRA since they know nothing about firearms OR the NRA. It is laughable to the extent of causing severe pain in ones side. If their idea was truly to prevent deaths instead of to act on their self professed superiority and right to control those they disagree with they would actually invite true discourse instead of completely blocking it. They are just infantile poorly educated clones.


They are convinced that the NRA is the center of all things evil in America and yet they also voted for Hillary Clinton. I will never understand it. Honestly.


The NRA has been on the wrong side of this gun issue for a long time now and it has been aided by the disastorus Citizens United decision to put vast amounts of money into our political process to literally buy off our politicians. If you caught the CNN town hall after Parkland, you would have see Marco Rubio divert and skirt around a direct question from a student on whether he would not take any more money from the NRA - it was Classic. It was one of the most innocent and effective shaming of a politician from a student that did not have to answer to a major financial donor. I do not always like to quote Chris Matthews, but he did make the statement that the democrats are always on the right side of history when it comes to working for the betterment of people, but that it just takes a long time to get there. These students are making a big portion of our elected representatives like NRA owned partisan political hacks who do not think for themselves and are doing damage to our country.


You just happen to be for eliminating most, if not all weapons to choose from… Progressives always say that ‘we aren’t out to take your guns’… and then point to the UK and Australia as prime examples…


Citizens united was the great equalizer.

It put business on equal footing with Unions in contributions.

The Citizens United legal case stems from the group’s intention to broadcast “Hillary: The Movie,” a documentary it produced that was critical of then-U.S.
Sen. Hillary Clinton, who at the time was seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. If Hillary would have ignored the broadcast it would never have gone to the SCOTUS. A gift from Hillary and the dems.


I laugh when people talk about this. Firstly if the left had kindly removed Unions from the political process ‘Citizens United’ wouldn’t have gotten the traction that it did and of course now people are taking unions to SCOTUS to force them to stop extorting money from them when they don’t want to participate. Secondly, the entire concept of ‘vast amounts of money’ is laughable when we see the Clinton’s many ‘friends’ and the lefts biggest allie George Soros who made his money destroying the currencies of other nations… actions that caused serious harm to those nations abilities to provide for their most vulnerable…

People like to talk about the NRA as just some corporatist lobby but friend, my dad was a lifetime member and I am a member even though I don’t currently live in the US. Their are far more people who understand the importance of the 2nd amendment than you think… and with the rise of violent groups like ANTIFA and its seal clapping support by the progressive left, one that needs to be vigorously defended.

The only reason that you say that people who support the 2nd amendment is that you, like all democrats seek the domination of an authoritarian nanny state… and to have that unquestioned, requires disarmament. You see this issue through very short sighted eyes… history shows that you are naive.


Not to be over looked is the fact that illegals are counted in the census and in doing that the representatives for thous districts are skewed ! How many are voting illegally ?


If you don’t look for voter fraud it doesn’t exist.

How many are voting illegally? You’ll know that when someone figures out how many illegals are in the country. No one wants to really know that either.


Everyone is looking for dead people voting never thinking the person next door is illegal and voting .


People are net even paying attention to dead people voting.

The apathy in this country is unbelievable when it comes to voting and ensuring a sound, secure voting system.


We don’t have enough dead people to equal the illegal immigrants voting !


Hey… people get creative… some people have even gotten their dog a SS number and deducted them as a dependent…


Really? Whoever “they” are, quote just one of them saying that???


That’s because they are the lobby for the gun manufacturer, even though the knuckle draggers think that they represent them.


That’s because they were here before YOU!!


See… Now right there is a direct act of name calling. You do it all the time in your own way… but you never see your own deficiencies… progressives tend to have that affliction…


See, and right there you demonstrate that you’ve never read the forum rules. Let me clue you in on this. You can not personally attack another poster or call them names. Generalizations or calling public officials names is not a violation of forum rules.


And yet they are NOT CITIZENS and so should NOT be VOTING !!! Yawn :weary::point_right:


The N.R.A is the voice of reason and one of the few in the fire arms debate that absolutely know what they are talking about !!
The progressive talking heads don’t know what they are talking about they just repeat fake news and bullshit facts that match their their failed agenda . First school shooting thirty years ago and mass killers can still simply walk in the door in the gun free zone and open fire .
There was a attempted school bombing a few days ago and not a word in the M.S.M why not ?
Making half the country knuckle draggers may make you feel superior the truth is you are just another lemming that doesn’t know what you are talking about !! Yawn :weary::point_right: