Governor Ricketts of Nebraska invites NRA Convention to Nebraska


Wouldn’t you imagine that those cities wouldn’t host the gun lobby? Out of spite Florida Republicans pissed off the gun lobby which now is suing them.


You are missing the point


Can you make it differently then??


Lets wait to see what the people that populate the state have to say about the N.R.A not coming to Texas ! :point_right::weary:


Indeed…we shall…!!


The point is to take the. “war” to the “Enemy”


Wow… your new avatar isn’t that far from the one I picked for you last year… remember?

I was going to let this comment go but as I have said before… you are not going to put out your petulant ‘ignore sign’ and say anything you like… As boring as this conversation is to the forum, I will respond.

While you may create, as most liberals do, your own interpretation of the rules. I think that if someone comes on a forum for the express purpose of poking others with no real intent to contribute they are indeed trolling and flaming and baiting. Using generalities to insult or otherwise belittle others is indeed a form of name calling.

You do seem to have a fair number of people on here who have become quite frustrated with your attitude and your lack of real engagement and have responded to what would indeed be considered trolling or baiting. Now this impediment… this inability to engage in normal discussion on your part may not be intentional… it may just be the way you were raised but the fact is, this frustration has been pointed out to you by more than one person although I was the first to make my frustrations clear.

Just to be clear… you do not contribute to this forum. You do not articulate your opinion in any detail. I think this is deliberate. You know that by keeping your opinions vague and your solutions (except for 'do something different’) nonexistent makes you less vulnerable to open critique… You are a poor debater because you give people nothing with which to debate.

I am of little doubt that you probably flag endlessly the many people who have a go at you… as a matter of fact I could probably bet that you put the forum moderator in a very difficult position and no doubt take up much of his time with your whining. He no doubt has to look at all of those rules violations and say ‘yes’ that was a rule infraction… I bet he looks at all of them and sees that they are pointed at only one person. I know I would. He would have to read the comments and no doubt would have access to private messages that point at you as being a problem… Yes, quite a dilemma indeed…

While I am sure various people have flagged you for some of your comments, I think that, in general, people are rather reluctant to get rid of someone… As a group of users, we have seen off one individual. On reflection while he could be as obnoxious as you, his was a massive contributor to this forum when compared to you. I would also like to think that most people are pretty darn tolerant of heartfelt opposing positions even if they are not agreed with. I just wish some of the liberals who post a comment on here would actually answer those who take the time and effort to respond to them… but that is another subject. You on the other hand seem desperate to cloak your opinions in snide one line comments and you never offer enough detail about your opinion to have a good discussion.

You do understand that if all of these bad nasty trumpkins (the list appears to be growing daily) were so vindictive as to want to see you gone you would have already been flagged out of existence?



What war…???


I for one want this clown gone. I’d much rather debate with @SteveSPHR all day long instead of this guy dropping turds all over nearly every thread.


True, but other than that he did good, made some concessions and had the balls to show up as others didn’t.


Can’t handle the exposure. Just can’t stand the scrutiny of your dear leader.


Monte, You know what I mean. You go on the offense , hit the opposition hard and keep them on defense.
The point is to have the conventions in in enemy territory( Anti NRA) bringing the message of 2nd Amendment rights and the good things the NRA does for weapons safety.


I see, but what I think you’re missing in my point is that the opposition doesn’t have to let the gun lobby in. Like you just saw in Dallas. The gun lobby is pimping guns and selling guns. They don’t care about anything else. It’s money. Probably a lot of 18-19 year olds buy guns. That’s what the gun lobby is concerned about, they don’t care about an 18 year olds constitutional rights. And you know that.


I know they don’t have to let the NRA in but if someone allows them the use of a facility in Anti Gun Anti NRA cities, it would Irk them to no end.
The NRA promotes weapons safety and responsible gun ownership.They don’t sell guns but support gun makers.
I guess the tobacco industry , the beer makers and the liquor industry should sue to reduce the age to18 to buy their products.


I don’t think they’ll do that though.


They promote gun sales, gun shows and gun manufacturers, they are the quintessential gun lobby.


Of course this is, once again about government interfering in private enterprise. The Dallas convention center and the surrounding hotels are private enterprise. At first the city gave the NRA some 400K in benefits to come to Dallas, to fill up hotels, to eat restaurants food and use transport in and around Dallas… (which I disagree with) and then they flip on that idea and attempt to run the convention out of town. Could you imagine the backlash of a Republican city government getting into the middle of a NOW convention and forbidding a bunch of flaming feminist from coming to their town.

The city government has made their position clear and should they attempt to withdraw the financial incentives for the NRA to convention in Dallas, they should be sued for harm.


Their may be some truth to your position in the present day… I mean hey, do you think planned parenthood fights for its right to give abortions out of human health concerns? But lets jump in the wayback machine and see the roots of planned parenthood… it has always been about eugenics. Now lets look at the NRA which was found in 1871… long before your NFA was a gleam in the eyes of you authoritarian master… and it is the OLDEST civil liberties organization in the US. It may have corporate interest but it also has the very same kind of people who were members back in 1871…


I believe that if a poor baker is forced to close his door because he won’t bend over to progressive thugs occupying our court houses . The same laws will apply to a convention building who a signed contract with the N.R.A . You are the only one being pimping around here whoring for the anti second gun grabbing progressives ! Yawn :point_right::weary:


Either party can terminate an agreement. If the gun pimps think they’v got a fight let them sue Dallas.