Governor Ricketts of Nebraska invites NRA Convention to Nebraska


In what world and anyone who has signed a contract simply walk away from it !
Maybe the progressive mind set is the reason we see more people on psychotic drugs ?


If the gun lobby feels that they have been wrongly harmed, they should sue Dallas.


No if I were the NRA I would just sit back and watch what the citizens of that state have to say about the possibility of not being able to attend the premier gathering of fire arms experts and view new models of outdoor equipment ! image
Could 61% of all Texans own fire arms !
Most ominously of all, 17 percent of those polled answered “prefer not to say.”
The poll says 44 percent of Texas voters, or a family member, own a gun – that would be a little over six million people. (Yikes.)

Of that 44 percent, two percent – a little over 120,000 Texans – said the reason they own a gun is “Second Amendment right,” to quote the poll exactly.
One hundred twenty thousand Texans own a gun simply to make a constitutional point !
Yawn :point_right::weary:


Your a bit to generous:

Yes, we do put Patriot into a precarious position. I can over look disagreements with policy and we can have discussions surrounding policies and people holding office but the profanity represents an absolute disrespect of the office.
As you an I know so well you salute the rank and the position and not the person. The person still has to earn that respect.

Steve did articulate his position very well however resorted to direct personal attacks vs. John’s passive aggressive tactic to people posting comments.

One thing that you didn’t mention is his ability to divert almost every topic and the spamming of all topics. Over the years I have learned a great deal on various boards and this is what we should all hope for. Unfortunately when we are spammed and have profanity laced attacks on the office of the president, it just isn’t worth it and people just look in other places for discussion.

But this is what the internet is and out society has become. A place where you can do anything, say anything from the wall of invisibility never being held accountable.


An example of name calling to the extreme.


I can agree with that…


Because the NRA represents RESPONSIBLE gun ownership , teaches weapons safety and and promotes the weapons manufacturers (jobs) they are the bad guy.
Can you imagine if Dallas would blackout of an agreement to host an NAACP or Planned Parenthood convention???l
The National Guard would be called out because of riots.


Nope, that’s the facade. They are the gun lobby and pimp for gun manufacturers.


Like the lobby for Planned Parenthood is a pimp for abortions mill and the doctors who perform them?


Why do you selectively believe in rights?


Is that really what his comment said to you? I can see a new group of people called the New White Tigers… that would play well huh? Why, do you believe in selective discrimination?


Monte, you can’t be.that unintelligent about what I said. If Dallas can refuse to host the NRA, they can refuse to host any conversation which is within their rights.
I believe you know by this time that I believe in Equal Rights for all Legal U.S. citizens.


Ok, agreed…


Here is the thing with planed parenthood the libs somehow extorted $500 million a year in taxpayer funds and then parenthood kicks back $38 Million to Push Hillary and Pro-Abortion Democrats in 2016 !
Pretty slick deal if you ask me !


That’s certainly the equitable way.


What do you believe stands in the way for ‘Equal Rights for a legal U.S. Citizens’ and with respect to the constitution, what do you believe ‘Equal Rights’ means?


To be able to live in any neighborhood, go to any school, compete for any job qualified for and go to any college or university based on Sat scores instead of race .
How clear is this???