Greetings and Salutations


Greetings and Salutations esteemed members of politiforum, my name is Carten. I live and work in Washington, DC and was invited here by my dear online pal @Machiavelli who saved me from the clutches of despair on another site. I consider myself an independent and constitutionalist. I hope to have pleasant interactions and spirited debate with all of you. Thank you.


Welcome @Carten. Any political friend of the Constitution is a political friend of mine :+1: … as long, of course, as we are talking about the same constitution… Mine doesn’t breath and is clearly enumerated. Glad to have you here.


I have never met an Independent Constitutionalist.




An Independent Constitutionalist living in Washington, DC - that must be pretty lonely :wink: Welcome!


Looking forward to some great discussion!


Welcome to the site.